Funny Friday for Photographers

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Funny Friday for Photographers

Try saying “Funny Friday for Photographers” 10x fast! Or not…  We’ve been posting some fun MCP photography humor on our social media accounts recently and decided we’d share them here too.

You know you’re a photographer if you chuckle when you read them and your non-photographer friends and family give you strange looks while you do.

If you like these, you are welcome to “share” or “pin” them. We will create more in the future if we see you’re enjoying them.








old fashion selfie




And lastly is one we did a while back, but it is a favorite amongst photographers. You Might Be a Photographer If….


If you are creative and have some original, funny photography inspired humor you’d like us to share with others, let us know. 

Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™
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Funny Friday for Photographers