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“Baby Blues” and “Under Pressure” photo projects by Guia Besana

“Baby Blues” and “Under Pressure” photo projects by Guia Besana

Photographer Guia Besana is depicting the struggles of being a mother in the “Baby Blues” series, while her “Under Pressure” project describes the problems encountered by women trying to keep a balance between their work, marriage, beauty, and other standards of today’s society.

Recent studies have shown that people are now more stressed-out than ever. Students, employees, and retired men and women are struggling to cope with the demands of today’s world.

Italian photographer Guia Besana is aiming to show the pressures affecting mothers who have chosen to work while taking care of their newborns. Her series is called “Baby Blues” and it has resulted from her own experience.

Furthermore, the artist has another project called “Under Pressure” that describes the nightmares induced by the stress of exceeding the expectations of other people.

“Baby Blues” photo project details the struggles of a working mother

The Italian photographer has moved to Paris, France in order to further her photography career. Three years after her decision, the artist has become pregnant and then she has given birth to a beautiful daughter.

Even though she had a newborn, Guia did not want to give up on her work, so she continued to take photos for various magazines. However, she has soon realized that it is very difficult to be a working mother.

Photography involves a lot of work and it takes you away from your child, making you miss your baby growing up. Guia said that she had heard about these struggles from her friends who had encountered similar issues in the past.

Following her personal experience, the artist has decided to create a photography project that is detailing the problems and the feelings of a working mother. The series is called “Baby Blues” and it is touching a really sensitive subject.

Guia Besana reveals the complexity of being a woman in the “Under Pressure” series

Eventually, the “Baby Blues” project has evolved into the “Under Pressure” project. It also has women as the main subjects and it touches another sensitive topic.

Guia Besana says that women are expected “to outperform in society”. There is a lot more pressure on women than on men and females are pressured into performing multiple roles at the same time, said the artist.

Her photos are replications of scenes that she has in her mind and the artist is touching subjects such as love, personal image, and marriage among others.

More details as well as more photos can be found at the photographer’s personal website.

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“Baby Blues” and “Under Pressure” photo projects by Guia Besana