4 Go-To Poses for Senior Guys

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4 Go-To Poses for Senior Guys

Senior guys are tricky! Most of them don’t even care to have senior pictures taken, they’re just doing it because mom and dad want them to. In fact, 90% of my senior guy inquiries come from the mom or dad, not the student. It can also be difficult to pose senior guys. What’s he supposed to do with his hands?

But don’t give up on senior guys! There are just as many senior guys as there are girls and photographing just girls would really limit your potential market. So today I’m going to share with you 4 sure-fire poses that work for just about any senior guy at any location.

(Ideally, I like to shoot senior guys in places with plenty of ledges, benches, walls, fences, etc. because having a “prop” to lean against or sit on makes guys a lot more comfortable. But this post is going to focus on poses you can do anywhere with or without props – like in an open field).

arms crossed

This pose is so simple and classic yet very masculine. You can switch it up by having him lean against a wall or even lean forward onto a ledge. But if you don’t have a wall or ledge, he’ll look perfectly natural standing in an open field with his arms crossed. Have him shift his weight primarily to the back leg for an even more natural look.


natural sit

Here’s another classic and natural “guy” pose that can be done just about anywhere. It helps if you have something for him to lean up against (like a wall, bench, tree, etc.) but he can also sit like this out in the open if that’s your only option.



This one is kind of a “thinking” pose. It can be done standing or in a squat position with his elbow resting on a knee.


hands in pockets

Finally, there’s the hands-in-pockets pose. You can do front or back pockets but I think using the back pockets tends to look a little more masculine. Again, remind him to shift his weight back on one leg to make him look a little comfortable.


So there’s my four fail-proof fun and easy go-to poses for senior guys. If you like what you see check out our posing guides here:

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About the Author: 

This tutorial was created for MCP Actions by Ann Bennett. Ann started photography as a hobby. She spent several years improving both her photography and business skills and has since grown her hobby into a successful high-end senior portrait business. Now Ann enjoys helping other photographers take their photography businesses to the next level.






Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™
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4 Go-To Poses for Senior Guys