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How to Edit Super Sweet Silhouette Photos

How to Edit Super Sweet Silhouette Photos

We’re honored to have so many talented photographers who use MCP products.  For a showcase of customers who use our editing tools, visit MCP Show and Tell and join us on the MCP Facebook Group.

Below, Pia Rautio, shares how she edited this precious parasol silhouette image three different ways.

Comment below and tell us which edited look is your favorite.




Edit 1 – (top right) Light Rose Edit: Enlighten presets (Rich + Urban Bliss + Color Tweaks) & Inspire actions (Base + Bittersweet + Rose Petals + Sweet Dreams + Prom Queen)

Edit 2 – (bottom left) Dark Denim Edit: InFusion presets (Enchanting) & Inspire actions (Base + Enchanted Rainforest + Modern Matte Twist) & Winter Whirlwind actions (Winter Blues toning)

Edit 3 – (bottom right) Dark Rose Edit: InFusion presets (Sentiment + Color Tweaks) & Inspire actions (Base + Modern Matte Twist + Pink Mood Ring + Enchanted Rainforest + Maplewood)

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How to Edit Super Sweet Silhouette Photos