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Ethereal landscape photos with people in them by Elizabeth Gadd

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Ethereal landscape photos with people in them by Elizabeth Gadd

Photographer Elizabeth Gadd is capturing amazing photos of subjects lost in natural wonders, presenting the interaction between human and nature in a positive light.

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Free horses
Epic landscape and majestic horses in Iceland. Credits: Elziabeth Gadd.

In the case of photographer Elizabeth Gadd, her photos are presenting lone wanderers conquering majestic landscapes. Although the subjects are as real as the locations, the viewers cannot help but to feel like they are watching an ethereal world where fantasy rules over reality.

Alouette Lake
Alouette Lake. Credits: Elizabeth Gadd.

Artist Elizabeth Gadd captures amazing landscape photos with people in them

Portrait photography does not have to be all about taking close-up shots. In fact, it can be easily combined with landscape photography, which should lead to majestic photos.

Wandering through the forest
Lost in the forest. Credits: Elizabeth Gadd.

Self-taught photographer Elizabeth Gadd may be based in Vancouver, Canada, but she has traveled to Iceland among other places, in order to capture mesmerizing portraits of lone subjects standing in front of forests, lakes, waterfalls, or mountains.

Majestic waterfall
Majestic waterfall in Iceland. Credits: Elizabeth Gadd.

The Canadian artist has learned everything she knows all by herself during a seven-year period of capturing photos. The photographer says that learning at home has helped her to express her thoughts and to do everything her own way without being limited by anyone or anything.

Sleeping beauty
The Sleeping Beauty. Credits: Elizabeth Gadd.

Lizzy’s photos are meant to put the human-nature interaction in a good light, as it is often portrayed in a bad light, with humans destroying the nature and everything that is beautiful.

The Whirling Winds in Iceland
The Whirling Winds in Iceland. Credits: Elizabeth Gadd.

The artist has also done a 365-day photo project, which consists of a self-portrait a day for one year. After the project’s completion, she has decided that her passion is to shoot landscape photos “with people in them”.

Once upon a freezing time in Iceland
Once upon a freezing time. Credits: Elizabeth Gadd.

Judging by her creative shots, we are glad that Elizabeth Gadd has chosen this path. It is not often that you encounter such impressive vision, so check out more photos at the artist’s official website, where you can also track the adventures of her lone wanderers.

Self-portait at the Golden Ears Mountains
Golden Ears Mountains. Credits: Elizabeth Gadd.
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Ethereal landscape photos with people in them by Elizabeth Gadd