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12 Beards of Christmas: men with Xmas decorations in their beards

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12 Beards of Christmas: men with Xmas decorations in their beards

Photographer Stephanie Jarstad has come up with the “12 Beards of Christmas” photo project, which consists of photos of bearded men who have decorated their beards for a good cause and for the spirit of Christmas.

Whenever the holidays season comes, people all over the world start decorating their homes. Those who celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ will also put up a Christmas tree and decorate it, but they will not stop there.

If applicable, then they will adorn the whole interior of their homes as well as the outside of the places where they life. In turn, city officials will put up Christmas decorations in order to be in tone with the festive season.

Nevertheless, other things can be beautified for fun, too, and photographer Stephanie Jarstad has had the same idea. The artist has decided to focus on the fun part, so she has gathered 12 men with big beards and has created an interesting portrait photo project.

The series is called “12 Beards of Christmas” and it consists of portraits of bearded men who have had their beards embellished for Christmas and for a good cause.

Men decorate their beards with Christmas ornaments for a good cause

Movember is an annual event during which men stop shaving their mustaches in order to raise awareness of prostate cancer in men. Usually, men choose to stop shaving their beards as well as to keep on doing this through Decembeard, which is an event that raises awareness of bowel cancer.

A lot of people decide to join in on the action, but it has been a while since these movements have begun and some folks have grown tired of them, despite their good intentions. This is why photographer Stephanie Jarstad has decided to choose a different route, one that is more fun and more creative.

As stated above, her project is called “12 Beards of Christmas”. It includes a series of portraits of bearded men who have enhanced their beards using Xmas ornaments. The results are pretty hilarious, as these tough men have suddenly turned into not-so-scary persons.

You can support the cause by buying “12 Beards of Christmas” cards and calendars on Etsy

The “12 Beards of Christmas” is a project for a good cause and you can support it by purchasing calendars, posters, and cards on Etsy. Stephanie Jarstad has opened a special shop on Etsy, called “A Beard for All Seasons” and you can buy the special products right now.

It is worth noting that another important Christmas tradition consists of the “ugly Christmas sweater” that we all have to wear during the annual family dinner. The ornaments will look great with your sweater, so do not hesitate to take it one step further this year.

As for the project, more information can be found at the photographer’s personal website.

Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™
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12 Beards of Christmas: men with Xmas decorations in their beards