Ricoh 16.4-500mm f/4-6.7 lens with DO element patented

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Ricoh 16.4-500mm f/4-6.7 lens with DO element patented

Ricoh is rumored to be working on a 30x optical zoom lens with a built-in 2x extender for mirrorless cameras with 1/2.3-inch-type image sensors, as the company has just patented this product in Japan.

Photographers may soon be able to use an interchangeable lens with a 30x optical zoom that also comes packed with a built-in extender. Ricoh has patented such lens, which could be aimed at Pentax-branded Q-mount mirrorless cameras that feature 1/2.3-inch-type image sensors.

The patent application is describing a Ricoh 16.4-500mm f/4-6.7 lens with integrated diffractive optical element and extender. This lens is said to be designed for 1/2.3-inch-type sensors, meaning that it will offer a 35mm focal length equivalent of approximately 92-2800mm.

Ricoh 16.4-500mm f/4-6.7 DO lens patent
The internal structure of the Ricoh 16.4-500mm f/4-6.7 DO lens, as described in its patent application.

Ricoh 16.4-500mm f/4-6.7 lens patented in Japan with a Canon-like DO element

Ricoh is committed to diversifying the Q-mount, so we can expect a lot more Pentax-branded Q-series products in the future. At the CP+ 2015 event, the company added a telephoto macro lens to this line-up, so it may be the only new Pentax Q-mount product that will be released by the end of 2015. However, more units are said to be on their way in 2016.

The list could include a Ricoh 16.4-500mm f/4-6.7 lens with an integrated diffractive optical element. A similar lens element is used by Canon. Its design reduces the weight and length of an optic, while increasing the image quality and the price.

Canon is using DO technology in the EF 400mm f/4 DO IS USM II lens, while Nikon is also offering a similar system, called Phase-Fresnel, in the AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/4E PF ED VR lens.

This lens could offer a maximum focal length equivalent of 5600mm

Getting back to the Ricoh 16.4-500mm f/4-6.7 lens, this model has been designed to cover 1/2.3-inch-type sensors. Such sensor is found in the Pentax Q camera, while the Q7 and Q-S1, for example, offer bigger 1/1.7-inch-type sensors.

Anyway, this lens offers a 35mm equivalent of 92-2800mm, thanks to its amazing 30x zoom capabilities. The focal length at the telephoto end will allow you to get really close to your subjects without taking a further step.

Another interesting aspect of this product consists of its built-in 2x extender. When in use, it will turn the lens into a 32.8-1000mm lens, which means that it will provide a full frame equivalent of 184-5600mm, which is quite an impressive achievement.

It is worth noting that this is just a patent, which means that it may never come to the market, so do not raise your hopes too high.

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Ricoh 16.4-500mm f/4-6.7 lens with DO element patented