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Canon E-TTL III flash technology to be revealed in 2016

Canon E-TTL III flash technology to be revealed in 2016

Canon is allegedly developing a new flash metering technology, most likely called E-TTL III, which will be better suited at competing against Nikon’s supposedly superior flash system.

One of the areas where Nikon is said to be superior to Canon is the flash system. Some say that Nikon is ahead of Canon and that the latter must do something to close the gap or to get in front of the former.

A source is reporting that the EOS maker is aware of the deficit and that it is working on a fix. A new flash metering technology is rumored to be in the works and to be introduced sometime in 2016. Alongside the purported Canon E-TTL III flash technology, the Japan-based company may also launch a brand new Speedlite flash gun.

Canon 600EX-RT flash
Canon 600EX-RT flash gun is the company’s current flagship flash gun. A new flagship model is coming in 2016 with support for E-TTL III technology.

Canon E-TTL III coming in 2016 with improved flash metering technology

The flash system available in Canon Speedlites is not considered a poor one. However, some voices are saying that Nikon’s technology is better. An insider is claiming that the company is developing a new system instead of launching improved E-TTL II units in order to rival Nikon’s current system.

The new Canon E-TTL III flash technology will be revealed in 2016 courtesy of a top Speedlite. The current flagship is the 600EX-RT which offers radio communication support. For now, it is unclear whether the upcoming flash will serve as a replacement to the 600EX-RT or if it will be a part of a new, higher-end series.

Either way, the metering technology will be new and it will most likely silence the aforementioned voices, suggesting that Nikon is offering better flash options.

About Canon E-TTL flash system

Canon’s E-TTL stands for Evaluative Through The Lens and it sends a pre-flash before firing the flash in order to determine the correct settings for the right exposure.

E-TTL II is the latest version and it was added into the 1D Mark II back in 2004. The technology is available in EOS cameras, not in the flash guns. The company says that E-TTL II offers an exposure that is more natural than conventional TTL systems.

This technology is capable of determining the distance from the lens to the subject for a more accurate output. Overall, E-TTL II is a clever system and it will be interesting to see just how better Canon E-TTL III will be.

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Canon E-TTL III flash technology to be revealed in 2016