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Month: May 2015


Panasonic G6

Panasonic G7 and Olympus 7-14mm f/2.8 PRO lens coming soon

Micro Four Thirds users will be pleased to find out that Panasonic and Olympus will make new announcements soon. According to the Schau! 2015 timetable, new Panasonic and Olympus products will be on-display at the event, so the Olympus 7-14mm f/2.8 and 8mm f/1.8 lenses and Panasonic G7 will be unveiled before the event.

Canon 1D X Mark II dynamic range

New Canon 1D X Mark II rumors hint at extended dynamic range

In the rumor mill there are lots of talks about the next-generation Canon EOS flagship camera. As such, new Canon 1D X Mark II rumors have been leaked. The latest piece of information consists of the DSLRs’ processor and sensor. The former will be DIGIC 7, while the latter is said to offer the highest dynamic range on the market.

Nikon D5100 RAW video

RAW video from Nikon DSLR made possible by Nikon Hacker

Getting RAW video from a Nikon DSLR seemed like an impossible dream recently. However, a member of the Nikon Hacker community has written a patch that allows his D5100 to record RAW footage thanks to the DSLR’s Live View buffer. Moreover, a member of the Magic Lantern team has extracted a DNG file out of the LV buffer.

LVL 1 Drone

CyPhy LVL 1 Drone is the first drone for absolutely everyone

CyPhy Works, a company led by iRobot’s co-founder Helen Greiner, has revealed the first drone designed for absolutely everyone. iRobot is known for creating the Roomba vacuum cleaner, but now Helen Greiner has moved to other things, such as the CyPhy LVL 1 Drone, which comes packed with a built-in camera.

StarTrail North Star

How to Successfully Photograph Star Trails – Capturing the Night Sky

Learn how to successfully photograph star trails in light polluted areas using these steps.

Surreal photos of Emilia. Credits: Ania Waluda and Michal Zawer.

Surreal photos of newborn appearing to be floating

Parents and photographers Ania Waluda and Michal Zawer have captured a series of playful portraits of their one-month-old daughter Emilia. The surreal photos of newborn Emilia are the real deal and they have not been manipulated with Photoshop. Instead, Ania and Michal have used creativity to make their daughter float.

Wright Kitchen

#FoodGradients: amazing food photography by Brittany Wright

If you want to become a better cook, then you must learn more about the food your are cooking. Brittany Wright learns more through food photography. The artist arranges fruits and vegetables based on their colors and creates visually-pleasing compositions. The results are posted on Instagram in her #FoodGradients series.

Best photo industry news April 2105

Best photo industry news and rumors from April 2015

If you were gone in April 2015 and photography is your passion, then you must not miss our recap! Camyx put the best photo industry news and rumors from April 2015 into a single article in order to reveal what you missed about Canon, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm and more during the past few weeks.

mcpphotoaday may

MCP Photo A Day Challenge: May 2015 Themes

While the MCP Photo a Day Challenge is “daily”, we know everyone has busy lives.  So we want you to join in when you can, whether that’s daily, weekly or monthly – and with your SLR or even camera phone.  The more you practice your photography, the better you get — and sometimes when you do use…


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