Fun Photography Activity Using Fruit as a Prop

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Fun Photography Activity Using Fruit as a Prop

Summer is here…and what better way to beat the heat than with some nice cold watermelon! And your camera…

In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to carve letters into your watermelon that you can use during your next summer themed photo shoot, BBQ or birthday party!



What you will need for your fruit photography activity:

  • A watermelon
  • Sharp knife
  • Carving knife
  • Cookie cutter – optional

The ideal shaped watermelon for this activity would be the long kind.  For some reason, this year in Texas, all we have are the fat round kind.  That just means we have to be a little more creative with our initial cuts!  Speaking of cuts, before making the first one, it helps to draw out the word or shape you have in mind for your watermelon.  Don’t worry – you don’t have to be the next Picasso – just a general idea will be very helpful!  For this tutorial we will be carving out the word “FUN”.


Cut the watermelon in half.  Then, cut the slice that will be used for carving the word.  I try to make it an extra thick slice so that it will be sturdy and easy to stand up.  After cutting your slice, cut a very thin piece off of the bottom so that it’s flat.  This also helps it to stand on it’s own.


Next, start carving out the letters using the paring knife.  Big block letters work the best, and if you mess up, just eat them and cut another slice!


After you have the word carved out, carefully remove each letter.  I typically end up removing them in sections, not the entire letter at one time.  Also, if you’d prefer to use cookie cutters, you can use them instead of cutting out the letters by hand.

That’s it!  Now it’s time to photograph, enjoy and share your new creation!  MCP’s Summer Solstice actions are perfect for editing all of your summertime pictures.



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Jenny Carter is a portrait and landscape photographer based out of Dallas, Texas. You can find her on Facebook and see her view her work here.

Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™
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Fun Photography Activity Using Fruit as a Prop