First Nikon D5 photos show up on the web

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First Nikon D5 photos show up on the web

The first Nikon D5 photos have been leaked on the web, as the hype around this DSLR is starting to build up ahead of the official announcement, which is supposed to happen in early 2016.

The rumor mill has recently provided some information about Nikon’s upcoming flagship DSLR: the D5. If you still had doubts regarding the name, well, here are its photos, showing that the device will indeed be called D5.

In addition to the name confirmation, the leaked images are revealing new details about the camera. Whereas the design remains similar, there are visible button placement changes when compared to the D4s. Here is what we have gathered from the first Nikon D5 photos!

First Nikon D5 photos leaked on the web ahead of announcement

The Japanese company is keen to go forward with the familiar design of the top FX-mount line-up when it comes to the new model. As a result, the design of the D5 resembles the one of the D4s, a fact which has been mentioned several times by trusted sources.

nikon d5 leaked front
Nikon D5’s red line is different than the one found in its predecessor.

There are a few changes visible in the leaked photos. First of all, the red line below the shutter button has been modified. Nikon DSLRs have it, but they tend to remain unchanged from series to series. Nevertheless, D5’s line is different from the one available on the D4s.

nikon d5 leaked microphone
The Nikon D5 has three microphone holes above the “D5” name.

Also in the front, users can notice microphone holes located right above the “D5” mark. Somewhere below its name and close to the lens, a new Fn button has been added. Most likely, it will be customizable, so photographers can assign it to one of their favorite functions.

nikon d5 leaked fn2 button
There are two Fn buttons located in front of the DSLR.

The position of the video recording button has been changed in order to make room for an ISO button. It is worth noting that the ISO button is placed on top of the camera and it is there to replace the Mode button. In turn, the Mode button has been moved to the top left area (when looking at the camera from behind).

nikon d5 leaked top
The Mode button has been moved to the left, while its rightful place has been taken by an ISO button.

There are plenty of other minor button placement changes, but users will probably adapt with ease. The first batch of Nikon D5 photos has confirmed the fact that the DSLR will have a 20-megapixel sensor – 20.7-megapixel to be precise.

nikon d5 leaked back
The screen on the back of the Nikon D5 does not appear to be larger than the one in the D4s.

In addition to the large full-megapixel files, the DSLR will offer medium (at 11.6 megapixels) and small (at 5.2 megapixels) file options. The lower-megapixel options could be useful for sports photographers or people who value their memory card space, as RAW files tend to be huge these days.

nikon d5 leaked sensor file size
Nikon D5 will feature a 20.7-megapixel sensor along with support for medium and small file sizes.

A trusted source has also confirmed that the D5 will feature a couple of memory card slots. It is unclear whether the supported cards will be CF or XQD, but they will not be SD.

nikon d5 leaked rear
Another shot of Nikon D5’s rear.

In the past, we have learned that the DSLR will have a larger 153-point autofocus system with a native maximum ISO sensitivity of 102,400, while being likely to shoot 15fps in continuous mode and to record 4K videos. As usual, stay close to Camyx for more!

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First Nikon D5 photos show up on the web