5 Tips to Keep Clients Smiling and Energetic Through the Photoshoot

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5 Tips to Keep Clients Smiling and Energetic Through the Photoshoot

Whether you’re shooting portraits, events or weddings people can get tired of smiling for photos. The entire process of a photoshoot can exhaust many subjects. Here are some tips to help you keep your client smiling and energetic throughout their experience with you.

1. Make booking simple and pleasant

From your first communication with them they should feel welcome and confident that you are the right photographer for them. Get them excited about their shoot long in advance so that when they show up they’re more at ease, like they’re meeting an old friend. Pride yourself on customer service and use it from the very first email through the time you deliver their images.

2. Show up to your shoot early/on time

Nothing can start you off on the wrong foot than being late or behind. I know that sometimes we encounter unplanned traffic or issues at home and you should always message your client when something happens but the majority of the time things do run smooth so show up a little early in case they do too! This shows you’re as committed to the project as they are and will start that shoot with high energy.

3. Smile

Anyone who knows me or has read any of my other blog posts will notice a trend here. Smiling shows them you’re having fun which allows them to have fun too. I know it sounds silly but this one piece of body language goes further than you could imagine and there are some people who need to be told, physically, that it’s okay to have fun and enjoy themselves. Even if you’re not in a good mood smiling will go right through you to your core and raise your own energy level. This will show outwardly and hopefully be picked up by your clients!

Photographer and Bride

4. Keep things moving

Idle time because we as photographers are not prepared will put a damper on your client’s patience and energy. So without rushing them through your poses or making them feel unappreciated keep things moving, keep your flow going and build upon the energy you’ve created.


5. Know when your client needs a break

Lastly, be on the lookout for nonverbal cues that show when they need a break. Give them a moment to breathe, relax their smile, stretch their neck and shoulders so that they don’t appear stiff or tired. A short break now may mean more energy further into the shoot.


Sarah Rocca Vento is a Massachusetts based wedding and portrait photographer at Sarah J Photography. When not taking photos Sarah enjoys spending time with her husband, 2 small dogs and 1 large cat. Follow her journey here website and Facebook.


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5 Tips to Keep Clients Smiling and Energetic Through the Photoshoot