Summer Sunset Edit For Lightroom and Photoshop

Summer Sunset Edit For Lightroom and Photoshop

One of the great joys of landscape photography is being at the right place at the right time to capture a breathtaking sunset. Unfortunately, the shot you remember getting may not always pop as much as you like it to when you get it into Lightroom. The photo below is a perfect example … gorgeous backdrop, peppered with some unsightly and unavoidable clutter like power lines, security guards, and the like.

Luckily, with a bit of cleaning up in Lightroom and Photoshop, it’s easy to add some “wow” factor to your so-so sunset.

Here is the original shot.



ISO200, Speed of 1/160, focal length of 25mm, aperture of f/2.5

Camera used: Panasonic GH4 with Olympus 25 1.8

MCP Actions Lightroom Presets used in this edit: QUICK CLICKS COLLECTION™ LIGHTROOM PRESETS


Summer Sunset Edit Tutorial

After loading the image into Lightroom, I set Transform Vertical to -12 to correct the photo’s perspective so the lamp posts were straight before cropping the image.


Next I adjusted the Highlights to -31, the Shadows + 70, and boosted the Clarity +33. This brightened up the image without adjusting the exposure and brought out a lot of the details. To enhance the sky and lighten the image even further, I ran the In the Shade Preset and the Add 1/3 Stop Preset.


To give the image an even crisper look, I boosted Dehaze to +60, Noise Reduction Luminance 44, Noise Reduction Detail to 73, and Noise Reduction Contrast to 54.


For highlighting some additional areas that needed a little boost, I used the brush tool to Dodge and Burn, and painted Clarity on steps, flag, and railings. I also increased Vibrance to +6 and used Burnt Edges Vignettes One.


Now that I was satisfied with clarity and vibrance of the image, I exported it to Photoshop to finish off the major edits. I started with Clone Stamp to remove security guard from steps, the man on the sidewalk, and to rebuild the walkway, brick pillar and fence where he was standing. I also used Clone Stamp to remove power lines and the mark on sign. Lastly, I used the Magnetic Lasso and Free Transform to replicate the second lamp and replace the first lamp which is burnt out.


Summer sunset edit complete and here’s the final image:


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Summer Sunset Edit For Lightroom and Photoshop