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Month: September 2017



Why You Should Invest in Canon’s Affordable 50mm 1.8 Lens

Not being able to afford expensive lenses might be very discouraging for you. Even worse, it could be preventing you from approaching clients for fear of looking silly with your limited equipment. The world of expensive camera gear might seem like a sweet, impossible dream. But is having a ton of equipment really the only…


5 Ways to Earn Extra Money as a Photographer

Being a photographer can be financially challenging sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with facing issues that constantly plague the world of creativity. Wanting to be economically stable is what will help you get through times of drought. The best thing you can do during this phase is experiment and persist whenever you can. Experimentation can be…


How to Have Fun and Successful Family Shoots

The key to having successful family photoshoots is comfortability, creativity, and a plethora of patience. This might sound like a long list of intimidating demands, but it’s far from problematic if you look at it from the understanding photographers’ point of view. Family shoots can be exceedingly fun and uplifting if both you and your…


What to Do When You’re out of Inspiration

We all go through phases of creative drought from time to time. Though they’re very natural phenomenons, especially in the world of artists, they can be very discouraging. They sneakily tell us that we’ll never find valuable inspiration again and that our best photographs have already been taken. This, of course, is a lie not…

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How to Create Compelling Double Exposures and Impress Clients

It’s a given that creative photographs attract an abundance of people. Conceptual images inspire us to think more deeply about a subject and refresh our creativity. They teach us to look at seemingly insignificant things from a fresh perspective. All in all, they’re fulfilling works of art that anyone can create.  Double exposures are two…


How to Market Yourself on Social Media

The Internet can be an intimidating place. There are millions of photographers out there, millions of successful artists with an abundance of great clients. Having this in mind may discourage you from pursuing your dreams. This frightened mindset, however, is wrong. It’s very possible to succeed in a busy online world filled with endless news…


How to Have Comfortable Client Shoots

We can all agree that comfortable client shoots are a dream. There’s nothing better than having an agreeable client who feels confident in your presence and smoothly collaborates with you. Though dreaming about scenarios of this sort is pleasant, there’s a way to make them come true. Every shoot, regardless of how stressful or complicated…


5 Shots a beginner photographer absolutely CAN take

When I first started considering photography and the different sort of photos that I wanted to take, I was a little put out. It seemed like every article I read did nothing but tell me that my kit lens would be terrible and need an immediate upgrade, or that I would need to travel to…

First Photoshop Texture Overlay

Photoshop Texture Overlays: More Useful than you may Know

  Most photographers probably don’t think of Photoshop texture overlays as photo editing tools. They’re more for special effects and creating digital art, right? It’s true that those are common applications for them. Textures can be used in more subtle ways to enhance your photos, though. Let’s look at some examples of using them in…


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