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Month: October 2017



5 Handy Tips for Indoor Portrait Photography

Why is indoor photography so appealing? The reason is that indoor spaces, particularly homes, have a familial atmosphere. Being in a location full of someone’s beloved possessions is both eye-opening and heartwarming. Photographing that location with its happy owners is even better. This kind of environment gives portrait photographers a chance to take photos that…


The Best Camera Settings for Portraits

There is a big number of different genres of photography. One of the most common type and the one that is most famous is portrait photography. All of us at some point in our lives needed a portrait photo. Also, as a photographer there is not way you can avoid that well-known question “ Can…


Make Your Own Ethereal Photos in Lightroom Within Minutes

Complicated, fantasy-themed photoshoots are nothing short of inspiring. We all dream of having the opportunity to recreate fairytales using outfits and locations that are almost magical. Fortunately, ethereal portraits don’t always depend on expensive props and equipment – they can be recreated in an editing program within minutes. A handy alternative to fantasy-themed shoots is…


How to Create Black & White Photos That Stand Out

Black and white photography is a genre that revolves around thoughtful concepts, eye-catching subjects, and clever points of view. It embraces light, shadows, and fascinating patterns. It’s not a surprise, then, that many photographers rely on this genre to enhance some of their best photographs. Colorless images direct the viewer’s eye and compel every element of…

box photography


Creative photography assignments usually come from “THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX.” Not today…  Today we’ll teach you how to photograph “inside the box” and keep things fun and creative at the same time. This has been one of the most widely requested tutorials from our Facebook Group members. So have fun with this and come share your…


5 Reasons Every Beginner Photographer Should Be Editing Their Photos

For a beginner, editing can be intimidating. There’s a whole lot of software out there and it all seems designed purely to make me want to give up on photos entirely. I make no secret of the fact that I don’t understand what half of the buttons mean and they frighten me a little. When…


How to Get Featured on a Book Cover

Books are a comfort for many, yet the publishing side of literature is often seen as an intimidating world of contracts, offices, and deadlines. It seems that only the very best photographers can get the opportunity to successfully contribute their work and get published. Because of this, many book-loving photographers refuse to contribute their work…


How to Quickly Edit Photos in Lightroom and Get More Work Done

Editing an abundance of photos in Lightroom can feel like a boring chore at times, especially if you have hundreds of photos that look relatively similar. Tasks like this tend to be monotonous and time-consuming, making you wish you were out taking photos instead of sitting in front of your laptop. Most editing programs, fortunately,…


The Beauty of the Golden Hour and How It Can Transform Your Work

The golden hour occurs twice a day: after the sun rises and shortly before it sets. During this time, the light is warm and almost magical, creating a welcoming atmosphere for photographers of all kinds. This is the perfect time of day for artists to completely focus on subjects, ideas, and compositions without worrying about…


How to Take Striking Self-Portraits

When have you looked at a professional portrait of someone you’ve never seen and knew, at once, if the model was the photographer or not? If I come across an unfamiliar photographer, I can rarely tell whether the model is the creator themselves or not. This is wonderful because it combines both genres in a…


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