How to Beat the Winter Blues With Stunning Photographs

Regardless of the weather, you have everything you need to beat the winter blues. Here's how you can do this.
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How to Beat the Winter Blues With Stunning Photographs

Oh, winter. A season of unpredictable weather, freezing hands, and few photoshoots. A season when clients are less eager to pose for hours. A season that, though graceful in appearance, gets under our skin and makes us feel blue. A season that’s almost here.

Despite winter’s inconvenient temperatures, it can become a valuable time of year for photographers. Just because it’s snowing outside doesn’t mean you can’t have comfortable photoshoots. Just because you need to wear several layers of clothes doesn’t mean your clients will refuse to work with you.

Regardless of the weather, you have everything you need to beat the winter blues. Here’s how you can do this.

christmas winter photo

First, Take Care of Yourself

Sometimes, it’s easy to forget yourself during a shoot. It’s easy to get caught up in your client’s needs. Their happiness affects your results, after all. However, you completely disregard your own need for comfort. The more you ignore your needs, the harder it is to really enjoy a shoot. You come home with results that aren’t as creatively satisfying as you wish they were.

You can avoid this situation once and for all by taking care of yourself before a shoot. If it’s really cold outside, invest in photography gloves – these will keep your fingers warm without getting in the way of your camera buttons. Make sure your outfit keeps you warm and makes you feel confident. Bring a blanket and a hot beverage in case you start to feel uncomfortable. These acts of self-care will not only make you feel loved, but prepare you for any kind of shoot.

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photo of girls in snow

Create a Joyful Environment

Being surrounded by friends is comforting in any situation. Whether your client has brought a companion or not, keep the atmosphere cheerful and friendly. Tell them jokes, eat delicious snacks during your breaks, and pose with them for a few photos. These situations will give spontaneity a plethora of room to roam in, giving you more chances to document authentic moments of joy.

winter photo

Take Wide-Angle Shots

A wide-angle photograph includes a subject and their surroundings. Even if you don’t have a wide-angle lens, you can recreate this effect using panorama techniques.

Photographing parts of the environment will make your images stand out in ways a simple portrait doesn’t. Elements like falling snow, mountains, and snow-covered trees can all become invaluable parts of your compositions. They can provide your client with unforgettable images and give you amazing results to add to your portfolio. Also, wide-angle shots will help you sharpen your landscape photography skills!

winter usa shot

Make a Few Diptychs

A diptych is a collage of several images that tell viewers more about a subject. Diptychs can be photos of anything. For example, many artists enjoy combining portraits with photos of objects. Diptychs will preserve special memories for your client and add a spark to their portraits.

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winter action photograph

Snowfall and Light = Magic

Falling snow is your best friend in the winter. Use it as much as you can, be it as a blurred foreground or a detailed background. Most importantly, photograph it on days when the sun is present. Snow particles, when combined with light, look beyond appealing in photographs. Your client will look like a magical being in photos filled with snow and light. If you’re up for a challenge, use artificial light to make snowflakes glow!

Ignore Red Noses

It’s a given that your subject will look like Rudolph. They’ll naturally have red cheeks and an even redder nose throughout the shoot. Fortunately, uneven tones and exaggerated redness can be fixed during the editing process. In Lightroom, this can be done in the Color panel, as pictured below:

red noaise removal

Oh, winter. Despite its various inconveniences, it can be a very cozy season. If you take care of yourself, make your clients feel at home, and make the most of your surroundings, you’ll end up with creatively satisfying photographs and absolutely no regrets. This time of year, it turns out, isn’t so bad after all.. 🙂

woman with winter wolves photo snowscape photo snow winter photograph of girl photo from behind

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How to Beat the Winter Blues With Stunning Photographs