New Year’s Resolutions That Will Make You a Better Photographer

So, in honour of 2018, here are a few New Year's resolutions that will help you improve your photography.
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New Year’s Resolutions That Will Make You a Better Photographer

Happy New Year! We hope the first days of January are treating you well.

Whether you love making resolutions or prefer to avoid them, the start of every year is filled with them. Even if typical New Year’s resolutions make you cringe, however, don’t give up on the notion of successful promises. New projects of any kind, regardless of the time of their creation, are bound to help you improve. Why not start now?

As ambitious photographers, we’re always on the lookout for personal success. Few things are as creatively satisfying as knowing that you successfully made the right decision. Resolutions are a way for us to promise that we’ll do our best in a specific area of our lives. Resolutions can be changed, replaced, and refined; using them the right way will truly make you a better photographer.

So, in honor of 2018, here are a few New Year’s resolutions that will help you improve your photography.

photo of man in sun burst

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Work on Your Fear of Failure

Driven by fears, many artists refuse to submit their photos to contests, connect with like-minded people, or experiment with new genres. They’re afraid of being rejected, judged, or not considered worthy. While these concerns are rational, they shouldn’t have the right to control your decisions. If a voice in your head says that you’re unworthy, obliterate it by facing your fears. You’re in the photography industry for a reason; embrace your skills and don’t be afraid of making mistakes once in a while.

photo of man running in woods

Take Photos Only When You Want To

Just because you’re in a breathtaking place doesn’t mean you have to take photos. If you take photos when your hands are itching to hold a camera — and not when you feel pressured to document your surroundings — you’ll notice a significant improvement in your work. Not taking photos all the time will make you feel in control and allow you to spend quality time with your loved ones.

photograph of girl in hammock

Don’t Spend Too Much Time on Social Media

More specifically, don’t spend too much time comparing yourself to other photographers on social media. Even well-known photographers fall into a pit of self-doubt from time to time. Instead of envying someone else’s skills, equipment, or opportunities, ask yourself how you can improve. Instead of bringing yourself down because another artist is more experienced than you, appreciate your current strengths. Nurturing your strengths and improving your weaknesses will give you something healthy to do and distract you from the endless temptations of social media.

photo of many on laptop

Learn Something New Every Week

Education doesn’t have a limit, a specific location, or a deadline. Being a lifelong student will help you improve consistently; everything you learn will shape you into a more knowledgeable and wiser photographer. Here are a few things you can focus on:

  • Editing – A better knowledge of Photoshop, Lightroom, or a different program will take your photos to the next level
  • Communicating – There’s always room for improvement in the world of socialization. If you feel awkward in the presence of new clients, learn more about self-confidence and effective communication. Knowing how to express yourself confidently will help you master not only your photoshoots, but your relationships.
  • Photographing within other genresLearning something about a different genre will help you appreciate other people’s hard work and show you something special about your own genre.

family photo shoot

Take More Photos of Your Family

It’s easy to get caught up in client photoshoots. While you focus on your business, don’t forget to take photos of your loved ones. Don’t take your home, family members, or familial atmospheres for granted. By documenting your family’s daily activities, you’ll find an immense amount of gratitude and joy. You’ll also have the chance to add more wonderful photos to your portfolio, photo frames, or both! Your family members will thank you for your effort.

beautiful sky shot

The new year doesn’t have to be a mess of unwanted resolutions. It doesn’t have to involve long lists of promises you’re too afraid to keep. Instead of worrying about failure, know that you’re in control. Choose resolutions that you truly care about and refine them as time passes. Before you know it, you’ll be succeeding in unimaginable ways. Go you!


Free Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets by MCP™
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New Year’s Resolutions That Will Make You a Better Photographer