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Month: February 2018


Virginia Franks

Sharpening 101: The Basics Every Photographer Needs to Know

Before you save your images for print or load them to the web, are you sharpening them? What if I told you that with some quick and easy steps that you could increase the quality of your images for print or web use? I bet you would be just as excited as I was when…


How to Photograph Couples of All Ages

Documenting the lives of people in love, regardless of their age, is a precious and fulfilling task. In addition to witnessing true happiness, you get to work with two enthusiastic models. This is perfect for artists who love working with multiple subjects without getting overwhelmed. It’s also ideal for those who want to prepare for…


One Flash Off Camera Lighting Setup for Portraits

For those of you venturing into one flash off camera lighting for the first time, there’s a lot of things to consider. A few of the most popular questions include: What flash do I need? Do I need a lot of expensive gear? How do I control the ambient light? How do my flashes work?…


How to Make Your Portraits Look Naturally Flawless Using Frequency Separation

Frequency Separation sounds like a term used in complicated physics assignments, doesn’t it? It sounded like that when I first came across it, at least. In reality, it’s a term that’s cherished by professional Photoshop users. Frequency Separation is an editing technique that allows retouchers to perfect skin without getting rid of its natural texture.…


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