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30+ Creative Studio Backdrop Ideas for Photographers on a Budget


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There are dozens of incredible backdrop companies in the marketplace now.  When I first started shooting, you pretty much were limited in studio to heavy muslin backdrops or large paper rolls.  Not anymore.  Now you can get incredible designs and scenes on almost any imaginable material.  Some are pricey, some are not.

For newer photographers and for those on a budget, we created a list of things you can use for backdrops in your studio, Big thanks to all those who contributed on my Facebook.  Chances are you have some items sitting around your house right now. And if not most are easy to find and are inexpensive. If you venture outdoors, your options open up even more…

baby-against-shower-curtain-600x900 30+ Creative Studio Backdrop Ideas for Photographers on a Budget MCP Thoughts Photo Sharing & Inspiration Photography Tips

Image by Tashana Klonius Designs

Ideas for backdrops to use inside your home or studio:

  1. Shower curtains
  2. Large towels (such as beach towels)
  3. Blankets (especially King Size)
  4. Tablecloths
  5. Quilts
  6. Wood paneling
  7. Christmas lights (if shooting very shallow DOF)
  8. Sheets
  9. Fabric (velvet, cloth, flannel, etc)
  10. Curtains
  11. Quilts
  12. Antique or painted door
  13. Bubble wrap tacked to a board
  14. Upholstery fabric
  15. Old newspapers
  16. Wrapping paper
  17. Scrapbook paper
  18. Rugs
  19. Kitchen drawer paper liner
  20. Bamboo shade
  21. Plywood sheets
  22. Mirrors
  23. Tile board
  24. Old display boards from department stores/retail stores
  25. Wooden blinds
  26. Painter’s drop cloth
  27. Seamless paper + added recycled party decorations
  28. Wall paneling from a hardware store + paint
  29. Huge flag
  30. Old garage door (recycled)
  31. Aluminum foil glued to a board
  32. Garage floor

Now it is your turn.  In the comments, let us know what fun, inexpensive or unusual things you have used as backdrops for your indoor photography.


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