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Canon 1D X used for shooting 34-gigapixel Prague panorama


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Fans of gigapixel panoramas can add the 34 billion pixel shot of Prague to their list of “must see photos”.

Prague is an amazing tourist attraction, thanks to its old buildings which take you into the past. However, this is not everything that there is to see in the Czech Republic capital. If you do not have the possibility to visit the city, then you might as well check it out on, where a 34-gigapixel panorama of Prague is waiting for its viewers.

prague-panorama Canon 1D X used for shooting 34-gigapixel Prague panorama Exposure

This Prague panorama measures 34-gigapixel. It has been captured with a Canon 1D X from the Petrin Tower. (Click to make it larger).

Amazing 34-gigapixel Prague panorama shot with Canon 1D X camera

High-resolution panoramas are getting a lot of attention in recent times. They are photographic masterpieces, which depict a scene using a lot of details. In order to create the 34-gigapixel Prague panorama, photographers have stitched together about 2,600 separate shots.

All images have been captured with Canon equipment, including the EOS 1D X DSLR camera and the 28-300mm and 8-15mm lenses. The photos have been captured from atop the Petrin Tower in only one and a half hours.

After that, Fujitsu has supplied a Celsius R920 computer powered by a couple of quad-core Intel Xeon CPUs and 192GB RAM, which has been useful for stitching the shots.

This is the first gigapixel panorama to be licensed under Creative Commons rules

The huge panorama image of Prague has been uploaded on, which is host to a number of other important panoramic shots, including London and Tokyo, the former measuring a record-breaking 320-gigapixel.

The most important thing is that the panorama can be downloaded from free. Anybody can use it and modify it for personal reasons, though using the shot for commercial purposes is going to cost you.

According to its creators, this is the first gigapixel photo to fall under Creative Commons licensing.

Largest photo of Prague ever captured

The 34-gigapixel Prague panorama is the biggest photo of the iconic capital city. If it were to be printed, then it would measure 130 feet in length, as it has a resolution of 260,000 by 130,000 pixels.

Visiting its home website allows users to pan and zoom, in order to get a small taste of what Prague has to offer.

Meanwhile, the Canon 1D X can be purchased for $6,799 at Amazon, while the 28-300mm lens costs $2,554 and the 8-15mm fisheye optic is available for $1,338.25.

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