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5 Things You Should Do Before a Photo Session


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Having go-to rituals before any photo shoot will eliminate unnecessary confusion and allow you to focus solely on the quality of your work. Instead of worrying about your equipment, for example, you’ll have the opportunity to encourage your clients and make them feel more comfortable in front of your camera. Who doesn’t want that?

The tips below will help you feel more confident, motivated, and reliable. Are you ready to improve as a professional photographer? Let’s begin!

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Take Care of Yourself

No matter how busy you are, take some time to rest properly. At least an hour of quality ‘me time’ will leave you feeling rejuvenated. Here are a few things you can do to relax your body and refresh your mind:

  • Take a bath
  • Go out with your best friend
  • Watch a movie you really love
  • Sit/lie down and listen to music without doing anything else
  • Read a comforting book
  • Visit a tranquil place that makes you feel at home
  • Go out and buy a few delicious treats for yourself

As you can see, there’s an innumerable amount of things you can do. Most of them are quick, easy, and instantly refreshing.

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Eat Something Delicious

At any given moment, it’s easy to abandon your needs and forget how hungry you are. Unless you’re planning to eat with your client later on, prepare a meal for yourself before your shoot. Eating something that’s healthy but not too filling will keep you energized for hours. Most importantly, treating yourself to a delicious treat will lift your spirits and keep you happy. And as we all know: happy photographer = wonderful photographs!

(Extra tip: don’t forget to grab a few snacks and keep yourself hydrated throughout the shoot.)

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Choose a Comfortable Outfit a Few Days Before the Shoot

Last minute outfit changes are the worst! Choose an outfit that makes you feel both comfortable and empowered. This will save you a lot of energy on the day of the shoot; you’ll have more time to focus on your equipment list, your clients’ needs, and your own comfort. If you don’t have a confidence-boosting outfit, buy one! Use this as an opportunity to give yourself a special gift (even thrift shopping will do).

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Make a List of Unforgettable Necessities

You might have to pack a lot of important equipment, some of which can be easily forgotten on a busy day. The night before your shoot, make a list of unforgettables, items you simply won’t be able to function without. Here are a few worth keeping in mind:

  • Batteries (lots of them!)
  • Memory cards
  • Lenses
  • A spare camera body
  • A posing guide
  • A mood board to inspire your clients

Using this list, you’ll be able to quickly pack everything you need without having to think twice about regrets.

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Make a List of Things You Love About Your Job (And Yourself)

If photography is your full-time job, it has the potential to become a source of unnecessary stress for you. You don’t deserve that. Instead of listening to intimidating thoughts, comparing yourself to others, and worrying about clients all the time, trust your creative instincts and take some time to appreciate yourself.

Since positivity can be easily overshadowed by doubt, the best thing you can do is take notes. Make a list of things you love not only about your job, but about yourself. What are your strengths? Maybe you’re talented at communicating with different kinds of people. Maybe you’re an expert at posing. Maybe you’re incredible at making time for your family after a long day of work. Think of what makes you stand out and proudly write it down. This will significantly boost your confidence and make you feel at home during your shoot.

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Photo sessions can be complicated, hectic, and intimidating. They can overwhelm you with busy thoughts, unpredictable clients, and a lack of precious time. Because of this, pre-shoot preparation is usually filled with more fears than proper organization. With the help of these rituals, this messiness will stop once and for all.

You can start becoming the best version of yourself right now. What are you waiting for?


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