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500px and Wave announce “Storefronts” photo contest


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Popular photo-sharing platform, 500px, has announced a new contest in collaboration with Wave, a company which offers an interesting online invoicing solution for small businesses.

500px has announced that it is going to hold a weekly contest which will begin on Mondays and end on Sundays.

For this week, the photo-sharing service offers a contest in collaboration with Wave, a company which can provide help for small businesses and even for photographers, who want to stay in touch with their finances. The company has even provided a so-called “Easy Accounting Guide for Photographers”, a free accounting guide for people who like to take photos.

In order to be eligible for this contest, photographers must sign up for a 500px account. However, older users can submit their photos, too.

500px-storefronts-photo-contest 500px and Wave announce "Storefronts" photo contest News and Reviews

500px and Wave announced a photo contest with “Storefronts” as the theme. It will bring a $500 gift card to the winner, who will also be featured on Wave’s social channels.

500px contest winner will receive a $500 gift card

The two parties claim that the weekly prize must not be missed because it is very consistent. Well, it appears that the winner will be awarded a $500 gift card and he will also feature on the official 500px blog. The gift card will allow the winner to purchase digital imaging gear from a select store.

Additionally, the user who will win this week’s contest will be featured on Wave’s social media channels, too. This may prove to be an amazing chance for photographers, who would like to receive a little bit of more exposure by gaining a little bit of internet popularity.

The “Storefronts” theme was selected by Wave

This week’s theme is called Storefronts. The theme choice was given to Wave, which invited all photographers to get creative and start taking a multitude of interesting shots.

Submitting a photo for this competition is very easy, as 500px users simply have to upload an image and tag it with “WaveApps”. If a photographer feels that he already has an image which fits the theme, then he will edit the photo by adding the aforementioned tag.

The deadline for this week’s competition is March 17 at 12PM EST. According to the organizers, the winner will be randomly chosen so start submitting as many photos (which fit the theme of the contest) as possible.

Well, what are you waiting for? Join the contest right now and follow future edition in order to win great prizes!

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