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Canon EOS Rebel T7i / 800D Review

Canon EOS Rebel T7i / 800D Review

The Canon EOS Rebel T7i, or 800D as it is known outside of the US, was released as an entry-level DSLR which has a polished design and a lot of features which make it ideal for someone who wants to have an all-around camera or someone who is beginning to learn about photography. General Features…

Canon EOS 77D Review

Canon EOS 77D Review

Canon continues the pattern of releasing two cameras at the same time by unveiling an entry level camera and a DSLR that is more aimed toward the professional photographer. The EOS Rebel T7i/ EOS 800D was released at about the same time as the EOS 77D and they share a lot of the features although…


Official: Canon EOS M5 mirrorless camera unveiled

Canon has introduced three new products in a single day. As the Photokina 2016 even is approaching, more digital imaging products are being launched and the EOS M5 mirrorless camera, EF-M 18-150mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM all-round zoom lens, and EF 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 IS II USM telephoto zoom lens are the latest of them.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II rumors

Canon EOS 6D Mark II rumors point at 2017 launch

The internet is filled with strange rumors about the Canon 6D Mark II. We know because we reported some of them. While there is a chance that even the craziest rumors will become true, it seems like we might need to forget everything we learned about this DSLR. Either way, here are the latest rumors concerning the EOS 6D Mark II!

canon eos 5d mark iv specs rumors

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV specs to include 24.2MP sensor

The rumor mill keeps on delivering information concerning the Canon 5D Mark IV. This makes us believe that the DSLR is finally approaching its launch. In 2016, there will be no more delays, therefore the camera is coming right before the Photokina 2016 event. Here are the EOS 5D Mark IV specs, which have just been leaked online!

canon 5d mark iv release date rumors

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV release date and price details

The gossip mill is once again focusing on the next-generation EOS 5D-series DSLR. All kind of sources are talking about the launch date and price details of the Canon 5D Mark IV. It seems like the camera will begin shipping within a month after the Photokina 2016 event for the same price as its predecessor.

canon eos 1200d

Canon EOS 1300D specs leaked ahead of its launch

Canon will introduce a new low-end DSLR camera soon. The product that will become official is the EOS 1300D and it will replace the EOS 1200D, a model announced in February 2014. Before its official announcement, trusted sources have leaked its specifications in order to let everyone know what they can expect.

canon 5d mark iii replacement rumors

Canon EOS 5D X rumored to replace 5D Mark III this April

More and more rumors are hinting towards the imminent announcement of a successor to the 5D Mark III. The device is real and is on its way this April, most likely before the start of the National Association of Broadcasters Show 2016. Beside its launch date, sources have revealed details about its specs and retail name.

Canon Rebel SL1

Canon EOS Rebel SL2 and 80D to be unveiled at CP+ 2016

After announcing the EOS 1D X Mark II, Canon is working on two new DSLRs. The company will reportedly introduce both the EOS Rebel SL2 and EOS 80D by the end of February 2016. The duo will also be present at the CP+ Camera & Photo Imaging Show 2016 and they will bear new sets of impressive specifications.

canon eos 100d rebel sl1

Canon EOS 150D / Rebel SL2 to be unveiled at CES 2016

Canon is expected to be present at the next edition of the Consumer Electronics Show, which takes place in early January 2106. The rumor mill is claiming that the company will introduce a new DSLR in the body of the Canon EOS 150D / Rebel SL2, which will become the world’s smallest DSLR in the process.

canon eos m10

Canon EOS M10 with new EF-M lens, G5 X, and G9 X unveiled

Canon has held a major announcement event in order to reveal not one, but four new products. The list includes the Canon EOS M10 mirrorless camera, the EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM zoom lens, and the PowerShot G5 X and G9 X compacts. Here is what you can expect from them when they become available this November!

Canon EOS M10 photo

Canon EOS M10 specs and photo leaked ahead of launch

Canon will finally make another announcement related to its mirrorless division. The rumor mill has leaked a photo and some specs of two upcoming EF-M-mount products. These products are the Canon EOS M10 camera and the EF-M 15-45mm f/3.5-6.3 IS STM lens, which are scheduled to become official soon.

Canon EOS 70D front view

Updated Canon EOS 80D details revealed online

The Canon 70D DSLR was introduced in 2013 and it will be replaced sometime during the summer of 2016. In the meantime, the rumor mill has just leaked an updated list containing the Canon EOS 80D details. It appears that the camera will get a bump in megapixel count along with a new autofocus system.

Canon EOS M3

Canon EOS M4 and multiple EF-M lenses coming in 2016

Canon will finally get serious with the mirrorless industry. This is a statement that has been passed around multiple times in the past. However, it seems like this time it is finally happening. The rumor mill is claiming that the Canon EOS M4 will become available worldwide in 2016 along with many new EF-M-mount lenses.

canon 1d x mark ii burst mode

Canon EOS 1D X Mark II to capture 14fps in burst mode

The future Canon EOS-series flagship DSLR has been mentioned once again in the rumor mill. A trusted source has confirmed some details about the EOS 1D X Mark II, stating that the camera will come packed with a faster continuous shooting mode, higher-resolution sensor, as well as an improved LCD screen on the back.

Canon 1D X Mark II rumors

Fresh Canon EOS 1D X Mark II details leaked on the web

An insider has leaked more Canon EOS 1D X Mark II details before the DSLR’s purported announcement date, which is now said to take place by the end of 2015 instead of 2016, like previously rumored. The upcoming camera will also feature an improved specs list and an updated design in order to be more ergonomic than the 1D X.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II specs

Canon EOS 6D Mark II specs and price revealed

A fresh batch of Canon EOS 6D Mark II specs have been leaked on the web contradicting a bunch of specifications revealed by another source a few days before. The source is reporting that the DSLR will actually come packed with a 28-megapixel sensor, while the previous leakster claimed that the sensor will not go over 24 megapixels.

Canon EOS C500

Canon EOS C500 Mark II coming in mid-2016 with 6K+ video support

Pretty soon we may have to stop talking about 4K video recording as being a must-have feature for cameras aimed at videographers. It seems like the world will make the jump to 6K and 8K a lot sooner than expected. According to the rumor mill, Canon EOS C500 Mark II will be introduced in 2016 and will record higher-than-4K movies.

Canon 5D Mark III successor rumors

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV to feature faster sensor readout speed

Canon has just introduced the EOS C300 Mark II camcorder, which is capable of recording videos at 4K resolution. Moreover, the shooter comes with sensor readout improvements. According to insider sources, the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV will use the same technology, allowing the DSLR to read the data from the sensor a lot faster.

Canon 5DS and 5DS R

50.6-megapixel Canon EOS-1 DSLR could come in the future

Canon may be considering to launch a professional DSLR with the body of an EOS-1 camera and the sensor of the high-resolution 5DS / 5DS R duo. It appears that a 50.6-megapixel Canon EOS-1 DSLR will become a reality if professionals request such model and if the sales of the 5DS / 5DS R go well.

Canon EOS M3

Canon EOS M3 mirrorless camera becomes official

Canon continues with big announcement event with the introduction of a new mirrorless camera. The Canon EOS M3 camera is official with many improvements over its predecessors. The new shooter employs an improved design, a new sensor, NFC, a tilting display for capturing selfies, and an exposure compensation dial on top.


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