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Canon EOS 6D Mark II rumors

The internet is filled with strange rumors about the Canon 6D Mark II. We know because we reported some of them. While there is a chance that even the craziest rumors will become true, it seems like we might need to forget everything we learned about this DSLR. Either way, here are the latest rumors concerning the EOS 6D Mark II!

canon eos m10 camera

Mirrorless camera sales are doing well, mostly thanks to Sony and its A7-series. However, there is one company which allegedly believes that it will take them to the next level. The company in question is Canon, which will purportedly “surprise a lot of people” with one of its mirrorless cameras coming in 2016.

Canon EOS 5D X rumors

New Canon 5D Mark IV rumors have showed up on the web. Once again, sources are reporting the fact that the company may split the 5D-series even more, as the 5D Mark III replacement could consist of two models. Even though there will be only one 5D Mark IV, the DSLR will have a sensor with more megapixels than the 1D X Mark II.

Canon 80D sensor rumors

Canon is preparing to launch a successor to the EOS 70D, the first DSLR to come packed with Dual Pixel CMOS AF technology. After the initial Canon 80D rumors from early September, the gossip mill is back with a contradiction: the camera will not have a 24.2MP sensor, as the Japanese company has decided that megapixels matter.

Canon EOS M3

As the whole digital imaging world is focusing on miniaturization, the gossip mill has revealed some new Canon full-frame mirrorless camera rumors. It appears that the Japanese company is developing a mirrorless shooter with a full-frame image sensor, which will be announced officially sometime in 2016.

Canon 1D X Mark II dynamic range

In the rumor mill there are lots of talks about the next-generation Canon EOS flagship camera. As such, new Canon 1D X Mark II rumors have been leaked. The latest piece of information consists of the DSLRs’ processor and sensor. The former will be DIGIC 7, while the latter is said to offer the highest dynamic range on the market.

Canon EOS 6D Mark II tilting screen rumors

The gossip talks about Canon’s future EOS DSLRs are not coming to an end! There has been a lot of chatter within the rumor mill about the upcoming EOS cameras, but there is always room for more Canon 6D Mark II rumors. It seems like the DSLR will be welcomed by videographers as it will offer a couple of video-focused features!

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV rumors

Canon is expected to introduce new DSLRs by the end of 2015. One of them is the replacement to the 5D Mark III. The latest Canon 5D Mark IV rumors are stating that the camera will come packed with a brand new 28-megapixel image sensor, which will be capable of capturing videos at 4K resolution.

High-resolution Canon camera rumor

Amid preparations of a huge Canon event, insiders have their own plans and they have leaked more high-resolution Canon DSLR rumors. Once again, it is specified that the company will announce the development of a big-megapixel DSLR by the end of this year, while others are claiming that a Foveon-like sensor is in the works.

Pentax medium format

Several new Canon medium format rumors are circling around the web right now. They are sending conflicting signals, but one of them is claiming that the Japan-based manufacturer could reveal a camera with a sensor bigger than 35mm in September. The most likely event is Photokina 2014, which opens its doors to visitors on September 16.

Canon 7D Mark II metal body

New Canon EOS 7D Mark II rumors have surfaced on the web! Once again, the DSLR camera is rumored to have a body like the EOS-1 SLR. Furthermore, it appears that the body will be made entirely out of metal, turning it into a very sturdy device. However, this comes at a cost, so check out the article to find out all the details!

Canon 7D successor

Recently, sources familiar with the matter have reported that Canon will announce a replacement for the EOS 7D camera in August. However, the latest Canon 7D Mark II rumors are hinting that the DSLR camera will actually become official in early September. Moreover, the shooter is coming alongside a telephoto zoom lens.

Canon 7D Mark II sensor tech rumor

New Canon 7D Mark II gossip talks are circling around the web. Inside sources, who have been right in the past, have revealed that the DSLR camera will not feature a Sigma Foveon-like image sensor. However, the sensor will be based on a new technology and will be the next step in the company’s evolutionary process.

Canon 7D top view

There is no surprise that more Canon 7D Mark II rumors have appeared on the web over the weekend. We are already accustomed to this, but it seems like we are finally receiving reliable details. As the 7D replacement is shaping up, it is becoming more and more clear that the upcoming DSLR camera will feature a redesigned top plate.

New Canon 7D Mark II rumors

A new set of Canon 7D Mark II rumors has surfaced on the web. It confirms that the EOS 70D will be the company’s last DSLR to be released in 2013, as the EOS 7D Mark II is coming in 2014. However, it will not reach its destination alone, considering the fact that two professional cameras will be unveiled, too.

Canon 60D price

Canon 60D has suffered a price drop at one of the most popular retailers in the world. Amazon is now selling the EOS 60D for $100 less than a few days ago, while the Canon 70D rumors are intensifying, as the rumor mill has revealed that the 60D replacement will be announced in just a few days.

Canon 70D rumor

Canon is rumored to announce the EOS 70D camera on April 23. As we are getting closer to the alleged release date, a lot of information about the DSLR has been leaked on the web. Canon 70D rumors include details about the specifications sheet, as well as the price, which is in the same range as the Nikon D7100.

canon 5d mark iv

The Canon 5D Mark IV saga is over now. The story has been dragged for so long that many people thought that this day will never come. Well, the DSLR is here and it is packing a lot of must-have features. Sitting beside it, there are two new L-series lenses, which will be released one month after the new 5D Mark IV.

canon 5d mark iv specs rumors

The whole digital imaging world is anxiously waiting for Canon to reveal the 5D Mark IV DSLR. The new camera is expected sometime within the next weeks. Until then, sources are leaking information about it. Check out the latest tidbits about the upcoming EOS-series powerhouse!

nikon d3500 rumors

An interesting decision has been made by Nikon Japan. The company has decided to discontinue the D3300 DSLR in its home country, signalling its intention to launch a successor. Initially believed to be called D3400 and to come at Photokina 2016, it seems like the replacement will be named D3500 and will show up sooner rather than later.

leaked canon 5d mark iv photo

People who needed more confirmation that the Canon 5D Mark IV is real and coming soon will be pleased to learn that the DSLR has been leaked on the web. The camera showed up on Levi Siver’s Instagram account, a famous windsurfer who filmed a feature for the company’s unannounced shooter.