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A Fun Photo Project to Capture Families


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Sometimes it is fun to mix up your offerings for family portrait sessions or even to try new, creative photos with your own families. Here’s a quick, cute photo project to try next time you are looking for something different.

  1. Take individual images against a plain backdrop.
  2. Tell each subject to do an expression for a specific look.
  3. Then combine the images into a collage.

Here is a photo project example done by Ricky Dunigan of her family. She used the words: happy, pouty, silly, and OMG. You could pick any words you want and combine in any way. Consider the MCP Print It Board Photoshop Actions or MCP Present It Lightroom Presets for an easy way to make quick collages once you have all the images edited.

Expressions-1 A Fun Photo Project to Capture Families Activities Lightroom Presets Photoshop Actions


All photos were shot at: 65mm, iso 250, f/5, 1/80. The flash bounce off the ceiling.

Each photo was edited with Newborn Necessities Photoshop actions: Baby Lotion for skin smoothing, Increase Exposure action to brighten up the darker photos. And polished with Inspire Photoshop actions: Gem Polish for sharpening the eyes.

Lastly, she took four photos from each category and made a square in photoshop. Then she made a larger square with all the photos. Quick, easy, unique and fun!

For a related project, also check out the “box project.”


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