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About Show and Tell

MCP™ Show and Tell has two purposes:

  1. See and learn how other photographers edit their images using MCP’s photo editing and learning products.
  2. Share your images and get exposure for your photos edited with MCP products.

MCP™ Show and Tell for Showcasing Your Work: 

Are you a photographer that loves to share your “secret sauce” with other photographers? Would you like to get exposure for your work and your business?

At MCP™ Show and Tell, you can submit your before and after images, and explain which actions, presets, and textures you used to get there.  You’ll get tons of exposure for your work and your photographs and you’ll have the ability to share your photos across social networking platforms.  The best part?  Other visitors to the site will be sharing your work too!

Add new photo edits as often as you want. Remember we look for a variety of styles, types of photography, and levels of photographers. We want to see your strongest edits and details on how you accomplished final image. Check back to see if we pick yours for Show and Tell. If so, do a happy dance.  If not, don’t fret.  We can’t showcase all edits.  Either way we welcome you to share your MCP edits on our Facebook Group.

MCP Show and Tell for Learning How to Achieve a Look You Love: 

Do you want to learn more about MCP’s actions, presets, and textures and see how they transform photos?

MCP Show and Tell is like being handed grandma’s cookbook filled with recipes. You knew they had a secret ingredients but couldn’t put your finger on exactly what went into them. Skim through the thumbnails on the main page and click to see the details of the edit. If you want to see edits before buying specific product, or want to follow how others edit their images with certain sets, use the drop down search for easy access. This eliminates the guesswork of how a certain photographer achieved their look and will allow you to try similar looks own pictures. You’ll also be able to see more clearly what each action, preset, and texture does to photos.

Be loud – be proud – give a shout out to your favorites!

Do you like showing others a good thing? 

We’ve integrated Pinterest and buttons so you can pin any images you want to reference again in the future. At the bottom of each edit, you can LIKE, G+, or Tweet edits you like too.

Join us now!

Now that you know a little about MCP Show and Tell, feel free to submit your photos and enjoy browsing through images of other photographers. We will add new images weekly, so bookmark MCP Show and Tell so you don’t miss out.

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