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ACDSee 16 announced with new lens blur and tilt-shift effects


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ACD Systems has introduced a new version of its photo-editing software, called ACDSee, which comes packed with plenty new features including a way to directly upload images on Facebook.

ACDSee 16 is a new image management and editing program from ACD Systems. The latest version is built on ACDSee 15, but it comes packed with several new options, that will allow users to manage, edit, and share their photos in an easier and more professional manner.

acdsee-16 ACDSee 16 announced with new lens blur and tilt-shift effects News and Reviews

ACDSee 16 has been officially announced with several new features, such as Facebook uploader, information palette, gradient tool, lens blur filter, and tilt-shift effect.

New features in ACDSee 16

The new features list of the program begins with the Facebook uploader. Users will be able to create new albums or even upload images to existing albums. Additionally, they can add location information, as well as a description for each photo, while choosing privacy settings.

Reverse geocoding is a new tool, which gives editors the possibility of pinpointing the location where the images have been taken on an integrated map. The software will automatically add the details and users will be able to easily check the location where a photo has been captured at a later date.

An Info palette is now available, which displays image settings while editing. This new tab will show information about white balance, exposure time and compensation, ISO, metering mode, focal length, aperture, and flash among others.

ACD Systems has also introduced a new Gradient tool, allowing editors to apply gradient filters to their images. This is a welcomed decision since users will be able to apply minor tweaks to their images, instead of having to change them altogether.

A new filter has also been added. It is called Lens blur and it provides a bokeh effect. Users can choose the frequency, brightness, and the shape, too.

One of the most requested and popular effects is the one provided by tilt-shift lenses. Well, ACDSee 16 buyers will have one at their disposal, in order to turn regular objects into miniature ones in a photo.

ACDSee 16 is available now for $49.99

ACDSee 16 has been optimized to work with Windows 8, but it is also supported by previous operating systems. The user interface has suffered some changes, but they should enhance your experience.

All buyers will receive 10GB of storage space in the cloud, courtesy of ACDSee Online.

The software is available for purchase for only $49.99, down from $69.99. This is a limited-time offer which lasts until June 13. If you own another ACDSee program, then you will pay only $29.99 for the 16th version.

ACDSee 16 can be purchased at the company’s official store, where a 15-day free trial is also available.

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