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Across the Ravaged Land of petrified animals with Nick Brandt


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Photographer Nick Brandt captures amazing images of animals turned into stone after coming in contact with the salty waters of Lake Natron in Tanzania.

There is a very spooky place in Tanzania, Africa. It is called Lake Natron and it is one of the most toxic lakes in the world. However, the main attraction point consists of calcified carcasses of animals spread across its shores.

Photographer Nick Brandt has heard about the weird things that go on at Lake Natron and he has decided to pay a visit. While he was there, the lensman has managed to capture stunning photos of the birds turned into stone.

Toxic Lake Natron turns animals into stone, photographer Nick Brandt makes them look like statues

The salty waters of the Tanzanian lake are deadly to a lot of animals. Temperatures are really high, reaching up to 60 degrees Celsius / 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The volcanic ash addition does not do much good, increasing the pH levels to between 9 and 10.5, an alkalinity close to the one of ammonia.

This is not a very good place to live, but animals have evolved here and are even thriving in this place. Unfortunately, some fall victims to the temperatures and alkalinity. The salt preserves them and calcifies them, resulting in spooky sights.

Nick Brandt has taken the animals and placed them to look like statues. The photographer says that placing them in a living position allows them to come back to life as if they were reanimated.

“Across the Ravaged Land” project consists of photos of “petrified” birds, though flamingos are thriving here

The images taken by Nick Brandt have been compiled in a book, called “Across the Ravaged Land”. The title could not be more accurate as the Great Rift valley continues to be a disturbing place.

Despite being a harsh location, some animals are counting on this place. There are 2.5 million Flamingos coming here to breed and feed. They are eating Spirulina, an algae found along the salty lake. The salty lake keeps predators away.

Moreover, the waters are home to a couple of fish species and other organisms.

Nick Brandt’s book is now available on Amazon

The photos can be haunting, but Nick Brandt is having none of it. The photographer has paid multiple visits to the site and now his shots have been published in the “Across the Ravaged Land”.

The book is available for $39 on Amazon and it includes a couple of essays, detailing the story behind the journey across this land. More details can also be found at the photographer’s official website.

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