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Adobe Camera Raw 7.4 and Lightroom 4.4 RCs available for download


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Adobe has announced the availability of Lightroom 4.4 and Camera Raw 7.4 release candidates at the company’s official website.

Adobe Camera Raw is a RAW image processing plug-in available in Photoshop, one of the most popular photo-editing tools in the world. Camera Raw can also process file formats like TIFF, PNG, or PNG.

download-adobe-camera-raw-7.4-lightroom-4.4-release-candidate Adobe Camera Raw 7.4 and Lightroom 4.4 RCs available for download News and Reviews

Adobe Lightroom 4.4 and Camera Raw 7.4 release candidate versions come packed with several bug fixes and support for new lenses and cameras, including Fujifilm X-trans sensor shooters.

Adobe Camera Raw 7.4 and Lightroom 4.4 release candidates available for both Mac OS X and Windows computers

The announcement of the release candidate version means that the company is pretty sure that the software is ready for adoption. If testers do not find any bugs, then Adobe will release the same version as the final 7.4 update.

Adobe Camera Raw 7.4 release candidate is available for download now for all Photoshop users. The software update comes packed with several bug fixes, as follows:

  • performance proved during intermediate zoom levels;
  • no more horizontal artifacts in DNG images;
  • crop overlay tool is resizing correctly when used with the “Constrain to Crop” tool;
  • mask no longer turns off, while hovering the mouse cursor over an adjustment pin;
  • brush size now resizing properly when using the “right-click + drag” procedure;
  • “Ctrl/Command + A” selects all photos in all situations;
  • grayscale visualization no longer visible when using Noise Reduction Luminance after releasing the mouse.

On the other hand, Adobe Lightroom is a photo-editing tool, which is lighter and cheaper than Photoshop. It supports RAW files, just like the Adobe Camera Raw software. The latest version, 4.4, has also reached its “release candidate” status and is available for download.

The Adobe Lightroom 4.4 release candidate update comes packed with the following bug fixes:

  • Filter scrollbar is rendering properly in the Library module;
  • stack badges now display the correct count when creating a new stack that contains pre-existing stacks;
  • no more blurry previews in the Develop module on Mac OS X computers;
  • Sony RX-1 lens profile now contains information about vignette;
  • Book Module now rendering the background graphics as intended;
  • crop overlay tool can now be resized correctly when using the “Constrain to Crop” tool.

Both of these programs now support the Fujifilm X-trans sensor cameras, including X-Pro1, X-E1, X100S, and X20.

Additionally, they support several new cameras, including Canon EOS 1D C, Nikon 1 V3, Nikon 1 S1, Pentax MX-1, Leica M, Hasselblad Lunar, and Casio Exilim EX-ZR700. New lens profiles are supported as well. The list includes the Canon 24-70 f/4L IS and four Sigma lenses, like 18-250mm, APO MACRO 180mm, 35mm, and 17-70mm.

The release candidates of Adobe Camera Raw 7.4 and Lightroom 4.4 are available for download at the company’s website now.

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