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Adobe Camera RAW 8.1 Release Candidate available for download


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Adobe has released Photoshop Camera Raw 8.1 Release Candidate version for download for Creative Suite 6 users.

Adobe Camera RAW is a RAW processing engine tool, which allows Photoshop users to make use of RAW files captured with their cameras. The upcoming version is Camera RAW 8.1, which is expected to become available for download shortly.

Until then, Adobe, the software developing company, has released the Release Candidate version, which means that the program is almost ready and that the company is fixing the final bugs, while adding the final touches before pushing the final version to the market.

adobe-camera-raw-8.1-release-candidate Adobe Camera RAW 8.1 Release Candidate available for download News and Reviews

Adobe Camera RAW 8.1 Release Candidate is available for download now with support for seven new cameras.

Camera RAW 8.1 “Release Candidate” released for Adobe Photoshop CS6

Adobe Camera RAW 8.1 is compatible with Adobe CS6, the software suite which will no longer have a successor as it has been replaced by the so-called Creative Cloud.

The company has announced that it is moving its services into the cloud and that CS6 will no longer receive the latest features in terms of photo-editing. Camera RAW 8.1 is nowhere nearly as featured as the version for Creative Cloud, as it does not feature the advanced healing brush, nor the sought-after Upright functionality.

This decision has not been taken lightly by the photography community, but this decision is the final one and only limited support will be available for CS6 owners.

Adobe Camera RAW 8.1 RC adds support for 7 cameras and 17 profiles

Camera RAW 8.1 has been released in order to add support for seven new cameras and 16 lens profiles. The camera list includes the Olympus PEN E-P5 and E-PL6, Panasonic Lumix DMC-G6 and LF1, Pentax Ricoh GR, Phase One IQ260, and Hasselblad HSD-60.

The Adobe Camera RAW 8.1 Release Candidate version brings support for HiDPI-ready monitors and displays, but the changelog is rather scarce and feels incomplete, when compared to what CC users are getting.

Adobe Camera RAW 8.1 and DNG Converter 8.1 Release Candidates available for Mac OS X and Windows computers now

Adobe has also released the DNG Converter 8.1 Release Candidate, which can be downloaded by both Windows and Mac OS X users, just like the Camera RAW 8.1 RC plug-in.

The files are available for download at the official Adobe Labs website.

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