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Adobe Camera RAW 9.1.1 to be the final update for CS6 users


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Adobe has officially announced that it will no longer support Camera RAW for its Creative Suite 6 pack after the Camera RAW 9.1.1 update gets released in the near future.

In mid-2013, Adobe introduced Creative Cloud as the heir to its Creative Suite. As of that moment, Creative Suite 6 users would only get support for new cameras and lenses as well as bug fixes, while Creative Cloud users would also get the latest features and tools by agreeing to a monthly subscription fee.

It was only a matter of time until support for CS6 ceased in entirety. Roughly two years have passed since Adobe CC became available and it seems like the end of CS6 is near. The company has just confirmed that it will no longer release camera and lens profile updates after the release of Camera RAW 9.1.1 version.

adobe-cs6 Adobe Camera RAW 9.1.1 to be the final update for CS6 users News and Reviews

The end of Adobe CS6 is almost here as the upcoming Camera RAW 9.1.1 will be the final update released for CS6 users.

Adobe Camera RAW 9.1.1 announced as final CR update for CS6 users

The Adobe Camera RAW 9.1.1 update will become available for download in the near future with support for the latest camera and lens profiles. Unfortunately for CS6 users, it will be the final Camera RAW update ever released.

The company has posted a small announcement on its website stating that this decision is necessary in order to “pursue further innovations” when it comes to image-editing as well as workflow in its software suite.

After the 9.1.1 version, only CC users will receive Camera RAW updates. This means that users will have to retort to different options if they decide to buy a new camera or a new lens for an existing camera.

For now, the company has not announced when the Adobe Camera RAW 9.1.1 update is scheduled to become official. However, it will happen in the near future and will be the end of the line for CS6 users.

Update: Adobe has released the Camera RAW 9.1.1 update for download.

What are the options for Adobe CS6 users?

As Camera RAW will not be updated for CS6 users, they will need to do something about it. Of course, the first choice would be to keep using their old equipment and to not buy anything new, but this can only last for so long.

The second choice is to sign up for a Creative Cloud account and to pay a monthly subscription that would give them Camera RAW updates as well as the latest CC tools.

The final choice that comes to mind is to keep using CS6. The company will keep updating DNG Converter, so there is a way to keep using your RAW files from new cameras in Photoshop. However, the problem with DNG Converter is that it does not support new lens profiles.

Let us know what you think about Adobe’s decision and if you have another solution for CS6 users!

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