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Adobe hacked, encrypted credit card data from 2.9m users taken


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Adobe has announced that it has been hacked and that the intruders have managed to steal encrypted credit card data from 2.9 million customers.

Adobe is one of the most popular software makers in the world. Photoshop is definitely the most renowned image-editing program, while Lightroom is one of the best RAW-processing apps.

This makes Adobe a high-value target for hackers. The company disposes of a lot of data and “cyber-criminals” always want to get their hands on it. Unfortunately, this has actually happened to Adobe. The company has been hacked following a very “sophisticated attack” on its network, says a post on the official blog.

hacked Adobe hacked, encrypted credit card data from 2.9m users taken News and Reviews

Adobe has announced that the company has been hacked and that the attackers have stolen data, including encrypted credit card information, from 2.9 million customers.

Adobe hacked! Attackers stole encrypted passwords and credit card data from 2.9 million users

Recently, cyber attackers have stolen the source code of several of the company’s products. After a thorough investigation, Adobe has discovered that the hackers have also looted the customer IDs, encrypted passwords, names, credit / debit cards, and order information of 2.9 million users.

This is one of the largest hacking attacks of recent times and the software maker has already begun cooperating with the law enforcement in order to discover who is behind the incursion.

Adobe to offer one-year credit card monitoring to affected users

Although this is very bad for the customers and Adobe’s reputation, there is a good side, too. The passwords and all credit / debit card data was encrypted, meaning that the hackers will need the decryption key to use it.

The company says that it “believes” that the attackers are not in possession of the decryption data therefore the customers’ bank accounts should be safe. However, Adobe is in touch with the banks, which will monitor the credit card activity of the people who have purchased an Adobe product.

Additionally, the software maker will provide a one-year credit card monitoring membership for the customers.

CSO Brad Arkin: “We are sorry, please change your passwords”

The “Adobe hacked” announcement has been made by the company’s Chief Security Officer, Brad Arkin. The CSO has apologized to all users on behalf of Adobe and expressed the company’s regrets that something like this has happened.

All users will be notified regarding this attack and they will be asked to change their passwords. Furthermore, if you use the same user/password combination on other websites, then you should change it immediately just to be safe.

Unfortunately, hackers have been on a roll in recent years. Multiple high-profile companies, including Sony, have been hacked and the attackers have stolen a lot of data. Since a lot of photographers are using Adobe products, we advise them to monitor their credit card activity closely.

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