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Adobe confirms Lightroom 5 will be a standalone application


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Adobe has re-confirmed that Lightroom will remain a standalone application and that the company will never integrate it into the Creative Cloud service.

A little over a week ago, Adobe has held the MAX Creativity Conference, where the company usually talks about future products and plans. This has been one of the most unpopular conferences ever, as the software maker has announced the death of Creative Suite as we know it.

adobe-lightroom-5-standalone Adobe confirms Lightroom 5 will be a standalone application News and Reviews

Adobe Lightroom 5 will be a standalone program when it becomes available on Mac OS X and Windows computers later this year.

Adobe kills Creative Suite, promotes Creative Cloud

Adobe has revealed that it will not release Creative Suite 7, instead preferring to move its service to a cloud-based platform, that will require a monthly subscription.

As one would imagine, photographers and photo editors did not welcome the decision, as they will be required to pay more for the services and, if they stop paying, then they will no longer have access to the programs.

Lightroom will remain a standalone app

A lot of questions have been raised about Adobe Lightroom. Back then, the company said that it is planning to release Lightroom 5 soon and that it will not incorporate the software into the so-called Creative Cloud.

However, consumers were not convinced by a minor statement and they demanded to hear more. The second confirmation came last night, during a Google+ Hangout with Adobe’s Product Manager, Tom Hogarty.

The company’s PM has revealed that Adobe Lightroom will not become a subscription-based software “at any point in the future”. After that, he has been asked if this means “forever” and the response was a bit unsatisfactory, as Hogarty said that he meant “in the foreseeable future”.

Well, there you have it. Lightroom will keep going forward as a standalone RAW image processing program. Since there are no chances for Lightroom 5 to get into Creative Cloud, maybe we will not be able to say the same thing about Lightroom 6.

Camera Shake Reduction is for Creative Cloud subscribers-only

The Google+ Hangout has also covered upcoming features of Lightroom 5. Unfortunately, Hogarty has confirmed that the deblurring filter, also known as Camera Shake Reduction, will not be available.

Tom said that the deblurring filter will only be available for Creative Cloud subscribers, courtesy of the new Photoshop CC. Anyway, the entire Hangout is public so that anybody can watch and draw his own conclusions.

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