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Adobe Lightroom 6 to be unveiled at the Creative Cloud event


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Adobe is rumored to introduce a new edition of Lightroom, reaching version 6, this summer, as the company is holding a special announcement event on June 18.

The summer is usually bringing new stuff from Adobe. Last year, the Creative Cloud went online on June 17 and it seems like the company is preparing another event around a similar date.

It appears that the next Adobe event will take place on June 18 and will mainly focus on new features for Creative Cloud. However, Amazon Germany is currently listing for pre-order a book that teaches users how to use Lightroom 6, which could be a hint that a new version of the RAW processing software is on its way.

adobe-creative-cloud-event Adobe Lightroom 6 to be unveiled at the Creative Cloud event Rumors

Adobe Creative Cloud event is scheduled to take place on June 18. Beside a new Photoshop CC version, Adobe will also reveal the next version of Lightroom.

Adobe to reveal the next evolution of Creative Cloud on June 18

Adobe has recently confirmed that we will see the “next evolution of Creative Cloud” on June 18. The software giant will hold a special keynote, which will be live-streamed on the web as of 1PM Eastern Time.

The announcement will include new applications for desktops and mobile devices that will provide “hundreds of new features and other surprises”. Additionally, we will get to see some “new creative hardware” along with the Photoshop CC edition for touchscreen devices.

As stated above, the whole event will be live-streamed over the internet and anybody can watch it at the company’s website.

Adobe Lightroom 6 also coming at the Creative Cloud event this summer

What Adobe has not told us is that the company is preparing the launch of a new Photoshop Lightroom version. Adobe Lightroom 6 will probably be announced during the same Creative Cloud event. The program will remain a standalone version and will allow users to post-process their RAW photos offline, like ever before.

The rumor mill does not have an exact release date for Lightroom 6, but it should be set for a date before the end of the summer.

Amazon Germany seems to confirm that Adobe Lightroom 6 is on its way, as it is listing a special book for pre-order, a book that is aimed at teaching photographers how to post-process their photos with this version of Lightroom.

Unfortunately, inside sources have not managed to leak any new features that we will find in the latest version of Lightroom, so you will have to stay tuned for more details.

Meanwhile, Amazon is selling the Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 version for a price around $120.

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