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Adobe Photoshop deblurring filter teased ahead of MAX 2013


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Adobe has demonstrated a new filter for its Photoshop image-editing tool, which will allow photographers to save blurred pictures.

Adobe will hold an event on May 6, where it will reveal an update to Photoshop. The new version will come packed with several cutting-edge tools, including Camera Shake Reduction, which has been demoed in a video on YouTube.

adobe-photoshop-deblurring-filter-teaser Adobe Photoshop deblurring filter teased ahead of MAX 2013 News and Reviews

Adobe has demonstrated the capabilities of a new Photoshop deblurring filter called Camera Shake Reduction. This tool will salvage blurred photos or images captured in low-light conditions.

Adobe posts Camera Shake Reduction teaser video on YouTube

The Adobe Photoshop deblurring filter does exactly what its name suggests: it can deblur photos.

Wildlife and sports photographers have always complained about blur images. Capturing the perfect shot when moving is not easy, as the camera is shaking and the photo may turn out too blurred to be used.

Blurred pictures are no good to anyone, but Adobe has teased a technology which is aiming at correcting this problem.

Camera Shake Reduction will turn lost pictures into useful ones, hinted Adobe Photoshop Product Manager, Zorana Gee. It can adjust photos captured at slow shutter speeds and in low-light environments.

The tool is pretty easy to use. Additionally, it works pretty fast, as it quickly analyzes a photo and immediately sharpens it with great results. Such feature has been rumored for a long time, but it is certain that the deblurring filter will make its way to the next version of Photoshop.

It is an upgrade to Photoshop and Adobe will not release CS7

Adobe Creative Suite 6 users should be aware that this is not a part of Photoshop CS7, as the company has not made any clear indications that its Creative Suite will be replaced, since CS6 has been released in May 2012.

The teaser video has revealed that the filter works with a user-selected area of a photo, but the result is astonishing.

Photoshoppers will find out whether they can achieve their dream of removing blur from photos at the MAX 2013 Creativity Conference on May 6, which takes place in Los Angeles California.

Adobe Photoshop deblurring filter will be revealed in its entirety at MAX 2013

Beside the Camera Shake Reduction tool, Adobe will reveal more Photoshop features, which will become available shortly after the MAX 2013 event.

The company has already excited a lot of professional photoshoppers, who are probably waiting for more teaser videos to be uploaded on YouTube anytime soon.

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