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Adrian Murray captures the magical “Moments” of childhood


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Photographer Adrian Murray is capturing dreamy photos of his two sons as part of a project called “Moments”, which is aimed at capturing those precious moments when his children are growing up.

You know what they say… when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. Dental student Adrian Murray has a wonderful family comprised of his wife and two sons. After a major scare with his eldest son, the dental student has decided to become a photographer and to capture photos of his sons growing up.

His portrait project involving his sons is called “Moments” and it consists of dreamy photos that will remind us of the many things we considered magical during our childhood.

Photographer captures dreamy portraits of his two sons enjoying life

This journey has begun only one year ago. Adrian had a camera at this disposal, but captured photos occasionally. However, an incident with then 10-month-old son, Emerson, has been decisive for Adrian to become a photographer.

After finding Emerson unresponsive in his bed, he has been reminded of a human’s fleeting existence. Emerson is fine now and he even has a smaller brother, while his father has chosen to give more time to his career in photography, he said in an interview.

Adrian Murray is now aware of how vulnerable we all are, so he feels compelled to cherish these important moments and to record them.

The health scare is gone now as Emerson has been taken off his medication, while Adrian continues to capture amazing portrait photos of his kids playing in the outdoors.

Adrian Murray’s style is right up there with other illustrious children photographers

Looking at “Moments”, we are reminded by other masters of children photography, such as Elena Shumilova and Jake Olson. Nevertheless, Adrian Murray’s style is amazing and unique at the same time.

Perhaps you can say that it is easy to capture gorgeous photos when you have motivation, but the genius of this artist cannot be doubted, even though he has only started his career.

His main gear consists of a Canon 6D DSLR camera and an EF 135mm f/2L USM lens, albeit the EF 17-40mm f/4L and EF 50mm f/1.2L lenses are always in his backpack.

Words cannot describe these magical “Moments”, so we will let the photography do the talking. More information and shots can be found at Adrian Murray’s personal website.

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