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Touching photos of the adventures of John and Wolf


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Illustrator John Stortz and his best friend Wolfgang, a beautiful dog rescued from the shelter, are currently on an adventure throughout the US in order to capture amazing photos of the landscapes they encounter.

They say that a dog is a man’s best friend. Well, a dog will love you unconditionally and it will always be there for you, as long as you care for it.

California-based illustrator John Stortz has decided to rescue a dog from the animal shelter. It was love at first sight between John and Wolfgang, so now they have quickly become the best of buddies.

The illustrator is also really good with a camera and he loves to travel. Wolfgang (or shortly, Wolf) could not have missed John’s adventure of a lifetime, so the two are traveling across the US in the search for amazing landscapes to visit and to photograph.

The purpose is to have a lot of fun and to keep their followers up to date with the help of a Tumblr blog. The adventures of John and Wolf can be seen through a set of amazing photos that will make you want to grab your camera and to go hiking right away!

The exciting adventures of John and Wolf across the US

Perhaps the most breathtaking form of photography is the one that depicts landscapes. It is in our nature to sit in awe when we come across beautiful places. However, a landscape could look dull in an image if a photographer does not know his way around with a camera.

This is not the case of illustrator John Stortz, who is capable of taking stunning photos of equally impressive places across the US. John and Wolf are traveling across the country to find such scenery and the results can be seen in the duo’s Tumblr page.

Among the locations visited by the pair we can find some ghost towns in Nevada as well as California’s Death Valley.

“John and Wolf” is a project that reveals the bond between humans and dogs

Beside revealing the breathtaking views they come across, the adventures of John and Wolf are also meant to show the deep connection between humans and dogs.

Man and dog have worked together since the dawn of humanity and they will continue to be best friends for years to come.

The adventures of John Stortz and Wolfgang can be followed at its official Tumblr blog, a page updated constantly.

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