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The amazing aerial photography of artist Karolis Janulis


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Photographer Karolis Janulis is aiming to show the world from a bird’s eye view using aerial photos captured in his home country of Lithuania as well as in other parts of Europe.

Since the dawn of humanity, people have been looking for ways to fly in order to see the world just like a bird. Planes and helicopters are just some means to achieve our goals and, if you combine them with photography, then you are getting awesome results.

Aerial photography is an important part of a Lithuanian photographer who goes by the name of Karolis Janulis. The Vilnius-based artist loves to fly his drone and to capture images from a bird’s eye view. His images are stunning as he is always trying to capture interesting moments and special places from a different vantage point.

Lithuanian photographer flies drone to create stunning aerial photography

Karolis may not have access to a plane, but he does have a drone that he uses for taking aerial photos. The photographer loves to travel and to capture the world from a view that not many people get to see.

Exploring the world like a bird is now possible thanks to drones, so it is easy to understand why a regular meeting of people doing yoga in a park can become an awesome scene for an aerial shot.

Although people are still undecided regarding drone photography, it seems like Karolis Janulis is doing a fairly good job at not disturbing people. As long as you are in a public place and you do not bother other people, then you can capture memories from a bird’s eye view.

Karolis Janulis knows how to take advantage of shadows and water elements

Photographer Karolis Janulis says that his favorite photos are the ones captured above water. The artist enjoys the waves, the reflections, and the vibes of the water in contrast with the other elements in his scenes.

Another important element in aerial photography is the ability to capture the shadows of your subjects. Once you see the world like a bird, then you truly understand how amazing this Earth and its creatures are.

Still, there is more to this than having a drone and you will need to be a talented photographer just like the Vilnius-based artist. Most of his shots are uploaded to his personal Instagram account, where Karolis is also giving more detailed explanations of his whereabouts.

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