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Earn 20% of every purchase from all customers
you refer to MCP™ Actions.

You heard that right! When a potential customer clicks on your referral link, a cookie is stored in their browser for a generous 365 days to track your referral. Whenever they visit again to make another purchase, you will be rewarded with another 20%.

Become an MCP™ Affiliate

High quality ad banners

Get started in minutes by using our high quality ad banners, which can be found in the affiliate creative area of our website.

Become an MCP™ Affiliate

Detailed referral statistics

View up-to-date detailed stats right from within your affiliate dashboard. See information for visits, referrals, conversions, campaigns and payouts.

How it works

  1. Off site: Promote MCP™ Actions and our products on your own website, social media, newsletter list, word-of-mouth, etc.

  2. On site: Become a guest writer for MCP™ and write related articles that would be useful for our readers. We will link to our products right from your articles.

  3. Earn 20% each time a sale is generated from your affiliate link.

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Become an MCP™ Affiliate