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Affordable Fujifilm X70 compact camera still in the works


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Fujifilm is once again rumored to be working on a smaller, cheaper version of the X100 cameras, which will be released on the market as the X70.

Sources leaked shy rumors about a Fujifilm X70 compact camera both in 2013 and 2014. Things cooled down in 2015 and it seemed like this was just another project abandoned by the Japanese company.

However, it seems like the device is making a comeback. A trusted source is reporting that Fuji is still planning to release this product at some point in the future in order to become a more affordable companion for the X100T.

fujifilm-x100t Affordable Fujifilm X70 compact camera still in the works Rumors

Fujifilm may build a companion for the X100T, called X70, which will be smaller and cheaper.

Fujifilm X70 to be released as an affordable version of the X100 cameras

Fujifilm’s X100 cameras remain part of one of the most appreciated series of recent times. The legacy of the X100 was continued by the X100S, while the X100T took over from the X100S during the Photokina 2014 event.

The company has been advised to use the success of the X100 line-up in order to launch a similar, but cheaper series. The rumor mill has repeatedly said that this is the case and that a tinier, more affordable model is on its way.

After being delayed, the shooter is being mentioned in gossip talks again. According to a reliable source, who has provided spot-on information in the past, this compact camera is real and it will be released at some point in the future.

Unfortunately, there is no expected announcement date, nor a release date. This means that the device still has a long way to do before becoming official and before being released on the market.

Fujifilm will put a new lens in the X70 compared to X100’s lens

In the past, the camera has been referred to as Fujifilm X70. Additionally, it has been said to have a 23mm lens, offering a 35mm equivalent of 35mm, and a maximum aperture of f/2.8. Finally, its body would be smaller and it would not have a built-in viewfinder.

Now, the source has been unable to reveal any specifications. The only piece of technical information says that the lens will be new when compared to the one available in the X100 series. The X100 cameras employ a 23mm f/2 lens, so the aforementioned 23mm f/2.8 would fit the description.

Either way, stay tuned for more details, as we will report them as soon as we hear something new!

Source: FujiRumors.

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