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Age is nothing but a mind-set: photos of toddlers as seniors


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Photographer and illustrator Zachary Scott has created a photo series that depicts portraits of children dressed as old people in order to show that “age is nothing but a mind-set”.

Scientists have been trying to find out more about the aging process and to understand it in a better way in order to be able to reverse it, allowing humans to live more or even to become immortal.

Plenty of studies have focused on the relation between our brain and our body. Some studies have shown that “age is nothing but a mind-set”, revealing that if someone feels “old”, then one will be old and will be unable to perform some tasks in a quick manner. Moreover, if you feel “young”, then you will simply feel better and you will be able to perform some tasks that people of same age and health will not be able to do.

In order to accompany a detailed article about this relationship, photographer and illustrator Zachary Scott has captured a series of adorable portraits of children made to look like senior citizens.

“Age is nothing but a mind-set”: adorable portraits of children dressed as old people

The NYT asks “What if Age Is Nothing but a Mind-Set?” and while the article is detailed and contains scientific information about aging, we are more interested in the amazing illustrations made by Zachary Scott.

The photos have toddlers as subjects, but they are wearing make-up as well as clothes that are specific to old people. Usually, when you hear that “age is nothing but a mind set”, you are actually imagining old people who feel like they are young. However, the artist has decided to take a different approach this time and to present youngsters who are old.

Beside the make-up and the clothes, the props used in the photos series are also reminiscent of senior citizens. Moreover, the illustrator has done an excellent job in editing the photos, so that the viewers will do a double-take when looking at them.

In total, there are six models who have posed as seniors and you can definitely say that they have done a wonderful job in impersonating the elderly. After all, “age is nothing but a mind-set” and older folks are often portrayed as grumpy, not just grandpas, so do not act surprised to see these children looking a bit cranky.

More details about reverse aging and photos can be found in the NYT article, while more details about photographer Zachary Scott can be found at his personal website.

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