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Alienation: upside-down portrait photos by Anelia Loubser


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Photographer Anelia Loubser has revealed the “Alienation” photo project, which consists of upside-down portraits of people, making them look like aliens from a distant galaxy.

One of the key things in photography is perspective. Starting from an idea by Wayne Dyer, photographer Anelia Loubser has created a very interesting portrait photo project.

Dyer’ said that “if you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. The South Africa-based artist took this to her heart and noticed that people look differently upside-down.

The result is called “Alienation” and it consists of a series of flipped portraits of people. When you look at them this way, then you will associate the persons in the photos with creatures that do not come from Earth, but rather from a faraway planet.

“Alienation” is an intriguing series of upside-down portraits of people

Having a unique idea for a photo project is not enough. This is demonstrated by Anelia Loubser, whose “Alienation” portraits are simply outstanding. The photographic execution is splendid and it will make viewers seriously question what they are seeing in front of them.

These portraits will challenge everyone thanks to an excellent combination of imagination and technique. The portrayed people have also played an important role, as their faces are very expressive.

“Alienation” will cast a doubt upon the perception of this world, which is something that the artist has intended right from the beginning. This should be valid for all forms of art, as they need to challenge the way we think.

The photographer adds that “Alienation” is inside all of us and it uncovers a mysterious beauty, that can be found when you know where and how to look at things.

Some details about photographer Anelia Loubser

Anelia Loubser is based in Cape Town, South Africa and it seems like her name is a predestined one. “Alienation” seems like a continuation of the photographer’s name and the project suits her perfectly.

As stated above, perspective and composition are key things in photography. Although they trigger an “alienation” feeling in all of us, it is hard to deny that they do not look natural from this viewpoint.

Without context these portraits would surely confuse a lot of people, most likely conspiracy theorists. Jokes aside, these photos are simply great and worth a closer look, which could help a lot of talented photographers find their inspiration.

More portraits and information about Anelia Loubser can be found at the artist’s Behance account.

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