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John Wilhelm’s photo manipulations are amazing and funny


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Photographer John Wilhelm captures photos of his three daughters and his girlfriend, but then applies a fair amount of post-processing in order to create amazing artworks.

Standing out in the crowded world of photography is a pretty tough job. However, if you have enough imagination, then you will succeed in grabbing praises from photography lovers.

Although he is working as an IT director at a Switzerland-based university, John Wilhelm is finding enough time to experiment with photography and post-processing, while being very good at both jobs.

His photo project does not have a name, but it can be easily seen that he has put a lot of effort and love into them. The reason for that is also because the subjects of his images are his daughters: 5-year-old Lou, 2.8-year-old Mila, and 6-month-old Yuna. In addition, his girlfriend Judith is an important subject in John Wilhelm’s photography, too.

John Wilhelm’s photo manipulations of his girlfriend and daughters are astonishing

John Wilhelm’s photo manipulations are both funny and crazy. The photographer says that most of his inspiration comes from watching TV and playing video games, as these are the things that used to keep him occupied during his childhood.

Although most of this photos are compositions or have received a fair amount of processing, John is claiming that photography is also an important part of his artworks. When an image looks good out of the camera, he will simply apply some corrections to it and that is all.

Nevertheless, his main goal is “to create something completely new”, so you will not find any mundane shots in John’s portfolio. As a result, you should prepare to be impressed!

Howling with a wolf and offering flowers to a bison – kids know no fear

Children have unrivaled imagination. Thankfully, photographer John Wilhelm has not forgotten his childhood memories and is applying them to his photos.

A photo seems to be inspired by the “Little Red Riding Hood” fairy tale, as one of this daughters is howling alongside a wolf. In another shot, one of his kids is holding up a flower bouquet to a very large bison, while in another photo it can be seen that a large octopus has taken control over the family’s bathroom.

John Wilhelm’s photo manipulations are also hitting other important themes, such as taking care of a little baby. Feeding a toddler can get messy, while changing a diaper is no easy task even when you are properly equipped.

Anyway, photographer John Wilhelm has an official website where you can check out more of his amusing images or get in touch with the artist.

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