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Andrew Lyman explores our fleeting existence via photography


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Artist Andrew Lyman’s portfolio includes a series of amazing double exposure photos, consisting of human silhouettes portrayed against nature.

Photographers are often fascinated about double exposure photography. It really puts their creativity to a test and a few of them become truly great in that department. One of them is Andrew Lyman, who has compiled a series of impressive shots and put them all in a series called “Fleeted Happenings”.

Photographer Andrew Lyman creates spooky photos human silhouettes against nature

The artist is using his image collection to contemplate the transcendence of a human’s memory relative to our space and time. Bright silhouettes are outlined in dark environments to showcase our ephemeral existence in relation to nature.

Lyman might be trying to prove a point here, as people come and go, but Mother Nature is still here and it will remain like this for a long time.

Humans’ existence is short-lived in relation to space and time

A common misconception is that we have to “save Earth”. However, our beloved planet will most likely continue its journey through space and time long after we are all gone, so humanity is the one who needs saving after all.

Until we solve all the mysteries of the Universe, Andrew Lyman’s “Fleeted Happenings” is aiming to reminds us of our short-lived existence.

The human silhouettes are glowing somewhere in the nature and they appear to be fading away, rather than burning out or becoming stronger.

Admiring Lyman’s artwork will not get you haunted

The images might be considered “spooky” by some viewers. However, rest-assured as these are not ghosts and they will not come to haunt you at night.

The Georgia-based photographer says that he has been influenced by the people he met. Though he is looking to touch the people’s feelings with his Fleeted Happenings, Andrew is not looking to scare the people away.

His work is very good and anybody can check it out at his personal website. Moreover, he has a blog where he posts miscellaneous artwork. You can even get in contact with him, should you want to order a print.

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