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Andy Prokh’s adorable photos of his daughter and two cats


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Photographer Andy Prokh has revealed more adorable photos of his daughter Katherine and the family’s famous cat LiLu who are now joined by another cat for even more fun.

One of the most popular photos on social networking websites consists of a grey cat wearing black glasses. You have probably seen this photo somewhere on the internet, but you are probably unaware of the name of the photographer who took the shot. His name is Andy Prokh and he actually has a whole series of portrait photos of the cat as well as his daughter.

6-year-old Katherine and British Shorthair cat Lilu are the best of friends. They are having a lot of fun together, but now the family has grown by one member. A Scottish Strite kitty has joined the family and the three have embarked on a great journey.

As usual, photographer Andy Prokh is there to capture all the fun and he has posted a series of adorable photos of his daughter and her two cats.

Andy Prokh captures adorable photos of his daughter and two cats having fun together

It is easier to have fun when there are people or animals helping you. Katherine can now go fishing or do the homework with her two cats. It is true that the cats will try to steal the catch, but they seem to be pretty good with math, as they are portrayed while solving some difficult equations.

After catching dinner and solving homework, it is time to have fun once again. Playing games is a good way to pass time, but the two cats and the young girl actually love to play chess. It is hard to tell who is the winner, but it seems like the winner’s medal is sitting around LiLu’s neck.

Other activities include ballet dancing and having a tea party. Overall, the trio seems to be enjoying life at the fullest, while dad and photographer Andy Prokh captures great photos.

About photographer Andy Prokh

Andy Prokh was born in Russia and graduated the Avia Metallurgical College. In addition, he has served a couple of years in the Soviet Army and graduated from the Saint Petersburg State Politechnical University.

After working for ten years as an economist, he graduated once again, but this time from the Russian Academy of State Service. All this experience has been enough to realize that photography is Andy’s real passion.

Now he is working as a freelance photographer and we can all be glad that Andy has made this choice. You can check more of his works at the photographer’s personal website.

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