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Another Tooth Fairy Report… Jenna lost her first tooth, sort of…


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A few weeks ago Jenna said her tooth was loose.  She was very excited.  A few days later she asked me to see how loose it was.  I noticed that she had an almost fully grown tooth growing behind it.  I was not super concerned.  But since I had a dentist appointment tonight for my 6 month cleaning, I brought her along.

They said this sometimes happens and was no need for concern. They asked Jenna if she wanted them to get it out though.  She was the best patient.  They tugged and pulled and out it came.  She smiled the whole time.  It was a great way to delay my cleaning :).  The good news, she is putting it under a pillow and wrote a cute note.  The bad news, I did not get out of my appointment.

Anyway, Jenna wanted to share her note and missing tooth with all of you. Ignore the point and shoot quality, but I just grabbed the shot – my SLR is upstairs charging (from our trip to Disney).  I will post some photos from our trip in the next few days.


toothfairy-collage Another Tooth Fairy Report... Jenna lost her first tooth, sort of... Photo Sharing & Inspiration


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