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All April Fools’ Day jokes in the photography industry


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Canon is rumored to announce an Android-powered smartphone, Panasonic is ditching its Micro Four Thirds business, and many other exciting news happening today.

The rumor mill is doing everything in its power to find out everything about Canon’s future. However, Panasonic and Sony are also important guests when it comes to gossip talks, so they will not be ignored.

Usually, we see a couple of new rumors on a single day, but there is something special about this day. According to inside sources, Canon will launch a smartphone, Panasonic is selling its camera business and Sony has found a new way of charging gadgets.

Leaked photo of the Canon EOS Smart 1 smartphone reveals liquid zoom lens

canon-eos-smart-1 All April Fools' Day jokes in the photography industry Fun

Canon EOS Smart 1 will instantly become the best smartphone on the market. Although it has not been announced yet, gazillions of humans have already pre-ordered it.

A photo of a Canon EOS Smart 1 smartphone has been leaked on the web. Taking a closer look at the shot reveals that it is totally real and that the device will revolutionize the mobile industry.

Canon’s entry on the smartphone market is a huge deal, so the company is aiming to make it memorable. The device will be powered by an 8-core 64-bit Snapdragon processor, Android KitKat 4.4, 8GB RAM, and built-in 64GB memory.

When it comes to photography capabilities, the EOS Smart 1 will feature two cameras. One offers a 1-inch-type sensor and captures 20-megapixel photos, while the other one boasts a 1/1.7-inch-type 10-megapixel sensor with a 3x liquid zoom lens.

The latter feature is a brand new technology that is based on liquid optics capable of changing the zoom with the help of piezoelectricity. Sadly, there are no release date and price details, just the leaked photo.

Canon launches EOS 1D-W camera and 200-600mm telephoto lens for wildlife photographers

canon-eos-1d-w All April Fools' Day jokes in the photography industry Fun

The Canon EOS-1D W is finally here with a 39.9-megapixel sensor that is almost as big as a full frame model. This is a camera specially designed for wildlife photographers and countless Nikon fanboys have been spotted crying in agony because they have been outdone by Canon.

Perhaps the more interesting story is about Canon launching a professional DSLR camera aimed at wildlife photographers. It is a modified version of the EOS 1D-X, but it has been designed for wildlife lensmen.

The new Canon EOS-1D W comes packed with amazing new features, such as 64-point “reticular” AF system, 39.9-megapixel near-full-frame sensor, and a camouflage finish that is extremely durable.

The focus system is entirely controlled by the user’s eye and it includes a Birds-in-Flight mode based on Bird Recognition software, which is something new for the DSLR market.

The Canon EOS-1D W should be used in combination with the new EF 200-600mm f/4L W IS USM/STM lens. It sports a camouflage finish, like the camera, and an extreme weather sealing.

Additionally, photographers can choose to use either the USM or STM motors depending on shooting conditions. The lens will be released by the end of 2014, but the DSLR is coming this July for $8,900, says the legitimate official press release.

Panasonic to sell Micro Four Thirds business to Canon, could start making full frame DSLRs

There is nothing that can stop Canon now. Panasonic is rumored to sell its Micro Four Thirds business, the GH4 becoming the company’s last MFT camera.

A discussion between two managers has been leaked on the web, revealing that all employees will receive a call within the following days. They will be informed that the business is shutting down and the buyer will be announced some other time.

Among the rumored buyers, the most likely one is Canon. The EOS company will start making Micro Four Thirds cameras. On the other hand, Panasonic will be allowed to manufacture full frame shooters.

As Panasonic is abandoning the MFT segment, it appears that Olympus does not want to compete with Canon, so it may also choose to sell its MFT business.

Sony introduces Power Food technology to recharge your gadgets and cameras

Another important player in the digital imaging industry, Sony, has revealed a breakthrough powering technology that will have gigantic implications in the electronics’ industry.

The Sony Power Food system is now official and it consists of powering your camera, smartphone, and tablet with the same things that you stuff into your stomach: cereals, energy bars, and cake, of course.

Socket chargers and solar power are not efficient energy sources therefore the Sony Voltaic Enzyme is the thing that should concern you when it comes to recharging your devices.

If your battery runs out, then Sony will release three types of batteries for you. The first is the Power Food Cake Mix, the second is Crunchy Loops Cereal, while the third is the Protein Energy Bar. The full story is available at Sony’s official website.

Cats hate you for taking countless photos of them, study reveals

cat-study All April Fools' Day jokes in the photography industry Fun

Here is a map showing where humans are taking the biggest amount of photos of their cats. The researchers have concluded that cats hate their owners and are planning to neutralize them.

Finally, we are presenting you a recent study conducted by highly reliable scientists. Roughly 12 months ago, a team of scientists has decided to ask cats how they feel when humans capture a photo or record a video of them. The results are here and they are not surprising at all.

More than three million cats have participated in the survey. Most of them have declared that they hate when owners take their pictures. Apparently, this is how humans are also feeling, so it can be said that cats share similar emotions to humans.

Although the researchers wanted to capture the survey on camera, most cats declined due to several reasons. Some feel that they do not look right on camera and they have to groom themselves, while others are claiming that they need their beauty sleep beforehand.

The most stressed cats are living in Japan, while the US felines are in second place. The podium is completed by cats living in Canada. Nevertheless, all of them are agreeing that they should be left alone or giving more time to prepare.

P.S. Happy April Fools’ Day!

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