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Aquatica announces AD4 underwater housing for Nikon D4


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Aquatica has announced a new underwater housing for the Nikon D4, allowing the DSLR to reach a depth rating of 130 meters / 425 feet.

The Nikon D4 is one of the most advanced cameras on the market, but it does not perform too well underwater. This is understandable considering the fact that most cameras cannot go underwater without a special accessory.

aquatica-ad4-underwater-housing-nikon-d4-front Aquatica announces AD4 underwater housing for Nikon D4 News and Reviews

Aquatica’s AD4 underwater housing for Nikon provides access to all controls and buttons. It can withstand depths of 130 meters / 425 feet.

Nikon D4 can be finally submerged under several hundred feet of water

Aquatica has solved this problem with the help of the AD4 housing. The most important features of the AD4 are its improved durability, protection against corrosion, new camera tray, new lens gear system, access to all video controls and to both Fn and Pv buttons.

The manufacturer claims that this is the “ultimate housing” for the Nikon D4. It is ergonomic and the first underwater housing to provide access to the aforementioned Fn and Pv buttons for D4 users. The controls can be accessed with the help of a toggle lever, which also provides access to the power aperture.

Aquatica’s AD4 was designed for shooting videos underwater. This is the reason why the company decided to provide easy access to all video controls.

Moreover, a new lens gear system has been added into the housing, which is based on a smaller pinion gear. The new system can handle smoother zooming-in and zooming-out.

The camera tray has been completely redesigned, making the removal process easier even for beginner photographers. During the process, the lens zoom gear can remain attached to the camera.

aquatica-ad4-underwater-housing-nikon-d4-rear Aquatica announces AD4 underwater housing for Nikon D4 News and Reviews

Aquatica AD4 underwater housing for Nikon D4 is made out of one piece, but still manages to show the entire viewfinder on the back.

Durable design, specific to Aquatica

Aquatica is providing left-hand controls for ISO, live view, and Set buttons. Additionally, the multi-controller pad is found on the left-hand controls. The buttons are made out of stainless steel, thus being safe from corrosion.

The AD4 underwater housing is made out of molded grips. It is based on a unibody design, meaning that the parts cannot “come unglued or corrode”. All components are lightweight and made out of durable materials, allowing the housing to look “new”, even after 1,500 dives.

The housing for the Nikon D4 is available in two versions. The standard version can take the camera to depths of 90 meters / 300 feet, while the upgraded unit can take the DSLR down to 130 meters / 425 feet.

Aquatica says that the AD4 underwater housing will become available for sale for $4,590, though it does not specify when and if the price is valid for the standard or upgraded version.

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