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David Brodt

David Brodt brings with him a two decade career in brand identity, graphic design and delectable tidbits of useless information. From his humble beginnings as a infant, Dave has grown as expected throughout his life to adulthood. And during this span of growth, he was classically trained in design, branding, logic, and sarcasm, working on international campaigns for just about every industry that you could think of and building solid brands for clients. Being awesome and slightly conceded is just the tip of the iceberg, he has also been dubbed the “Hidden Gem of the Beauty Industry” for his work with industry professionals and the weird guy at the Burger King. You know, the one who likes to hear epic sagas of client shenanigans before he goes off on a rant about aliens and tinfoil hats. A modern day Don Draper, bourbon and all, Dave as a creative director and brand specialist brings a time-tested and proven strength to MCP Actions.

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