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OMG Life announces Autographer wearable camera’s release date


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OMG Life has officially announced the release date of its wearable camera, called Autographer, as well as the device’s suggested retail price.

Autographer is a wearable camera which captures images automatically. OMG Life, its creator, says that this device is the world’s first intelligent shooter of its kind, thanks to five built-in sensors that will determine the shooting settings.

omg-life-autographer OMG Life announces Autographer wearable camera's release date News and Reviews

OMG Life Autographer is the world’s first intelligent wearable camera, which captures photos automatically while being worn around one’s neck.

OMG Life to begin selling Autographer for £399.99 as of July 30

If Memoto, the life-blogging camera successfully funded on Kickstarter, captures images at different time intervals, then the Autographer will be able to do the thinking on its own, thanks to integrated accelerometer, temperature, color, magnetometer, and motion sensors.

Furthermore, potential buyers living in the United Kingdom will not have to wait any longer to buy one, as the apparatus goes on sale on July 30 for a price of £399.99.

Though other European countries are getting it tomorrow, too, OMG Life says that Autographer will be globally released over the following months for a cost which has yet to be determined.

Five different sensors turn the Autographer into world’s first intelligent wearable camera

World’s first intelligent wearable camera uses the color sensor to perceive brightness, while the thermometer estimates the temperature. This probably allows Autographer to set the white balance accordingly.

Moreover, the magnetometer allows the shooter to be aware of the direction it is facing, the accelerometer determines whether the Autograher is moving or not, while the PIR motion sensor detects any movement occurring in front of the lens.

The results will be seen in the image collection. The camera will automatically decide when to take shots. It can also tell if something important is happening, therefore it will capture a shot when someone or something is moving towards the wearer at a fast pace.

Autographer can be easily connected to an iPhone and, soon enough, to Android devices

Autographer features three speed settings. Battery lasts for 12 days or 28,000 photos at the highest speed setting. However, OMG Life is offering medium and low options, as well, for prolonged battery life.

Additionally, the camera can be connected to an iPhone through a free application, but an Android app will be released, too.

These apps will allow photographers to review the shots and to add geo-tagging data using a smartphone’s GPS.

Autographer features built-in 5MP sensor, 8GB storage, and Bluetooth connectivity

The Autographer specs list includes a 5-megapixel image sensor, a wide-angle fixed focus lens with a 136-degree field of view, integrated 8GB storage, OLED screen, and Bluetooth for connecting to mobile devices.

It weighs only 58 grams and it can be worn around the neck thanks to a lanyard, which is included in the package.

More details, including information about how to purchase Autographer, can be found at the product’s official website.

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